Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Can One Person Do?

Well I let my anger at the events unfolding in this Great Country get the best of me. I have since refrained from flying my flag upside down. I know that this was going to portray me as a NUT Job, militant, anti American(those who do not know the meaning), neighborhood crazy ETC. Not to mention the OPSEC breach mentioned by fellow bloggers.

But what can one person do to facilitate change or bring attention to the myriad of problems facing our Nation?

I have racked my brain daily on this question. Forget about the 535 they are useless as a submarine with screen hatches. Local government such as Governor's and State Legislators have of late done some things to ensure States rights. My state is among them with a 10th Amendment bill and a possible REAL MONEY bill in the form of using bullion Coins like gold and silver before the Depression and prior to 1964 for all monetary transactions. States can not make coinage or paper money but nothing says what form of currency they have to accept for payment.

But what about the other problems we face? The National Debt, Socialism/Communism take over, growing dependence on the 535 for everything from health care to food and shelter, attacks on the food growing industry, Unconstitutional laws, Bill of Rights erosion, Taxation with representation because they know better than we do (these losers even say it to our faces), Immigration out of control, economy in the tank so lets print more money, Give that money to the Financial institutions that caused the problem or better yet lets buy our own Treasury Bills (makes them worth even less)(this new vast amount of money has yet to hit the open market but when it does watch out for massive inflation), Lets FREE the TERRORISTS and let them live among us, On the other hand lets allow the destruction of our population base by allowing even more government subsidized abortions(I know that this is not a popular subject for all but it is important to the moral decline of our Country), These last two subjects sound more like the rant of OSAMA than a U.S. President OBAMA, Only one letter difference.( I know that there is another spelling USAMA), weakening of our military(the Obamanations ILK actually proposed making soldiers pay for medical care for injuries received on ACTIVE DUTY!!), Then there is the CAN HE BE PRESIDENT ISSUE?(nothing will be done) Well you get the idea. I am sure I missed something but I tried to list the ones that are front and center.

Nothing short of a new Declaration of Independence will work in my humble opinion. Even if we replace ever member of the HOUSE in 2010 and all of the Senators up for reelection I am sure that the same old crap will continue. Am I wrong?

So if anyone out there has a GOOD idea please share it here. I will put them in another post if you agree. Somebody out there has THE IDEA that may make a difference. They may be reluctant to share or think that it does not have merit. The only thing I ask is that all comments fall short of the the only obvious SOLUTION!

Thank you for letting me vent.



  1. Movements start with like-minded people rallying around a cause. You, and I, and our brother bloggers are the start of a movement. Just think what would happen if all the prepper networks started an opposition party. We're really not that far from being able to do it.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Nairb for your comment. I understand that we need a NEW political party but all the powers in charge now have done everything in their power to prevent any third party form getting into the mainstream. It will take more than a political party to ensure real change in this nation at this point. I have hope but hope alone will not create change. I wish there was some way for all of us like minded people to get together in one place for a show of, I hate the word, Solidarity for the Nation. Thank you again for the praise of my post. Mark Kent