Sunday, March 29, 2009

Narcissitic, Incompetent, Dictator, Bafoon

I cannot put to words what I want to in order to express my OUTRAGE at this Incompetent, Narcissistic, Dictator, Bastard. Yes I am talking about the OBAMANATION who some call the POTUS. Well he is nothing but a dressed up buffoon with a degree.

Now he asks for the resignation of a CEO, and the ass agrees. I would have told him to shove it where the sun does not shine and laughed in his face. Never mind that he has given my company money I would have started choking because I laughed so hard.

Unbelievable I wish I could be more precise as to how I feel but I am practicing restraint. XXX Edited for content to prevent an O dark thirty visit from the men in Black. XXX
I hope all those who voted for him rot in hell. Anyone with half a brain should have known better than to vote for this arrogant asshole. But no he promised CHANGE and boy did he deliver.

If your offended by my remarks GOOD I hope I did offend you. If you voted for this Bastard you deserve more than I can dish out. Yes he is a Bastard Child since his father was already married to an African women when he married the loser that gave birth to this loser. Seems Clinton was a bastard child too. See a pattern here. Both were Narcissistic Bastards.

Is it like Michael Savage says that "Liberalism is a mental disorder." I think it should be listed in the:
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-IV-TR .

The part that gets me the most is no one who could stop this, like the Supreme Court of Wimps or some brave judge somewhere, nobody is doing anything. This loser is left to fester like an open wound and the assholes of the MSM just keep spouting the same old shit. They are mesmerized or something. Has this bastard got something on everyone or what?

You just wait this is the tip of the iceberg for shit coming from this bastard. He has just begun to screw all of us.

I can only hope for a very large Asteroid on the scale of Texas sized striking D.C. (Dumb ass Central) when everyone is there. I do not care if it causes a worldwide disaster it would be worth it in the long run.

I have to go I can no longer think about this. I need a drink.

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  1. AMEN, Mark,
    NOW he can dictate who can run a PRIVATE corporation/business? Looks like ALL POWER TO OBAMA is finally coming to fruition. BUT he's not alone. Our Congress critters support him in this and we the people can just whistle in the dark.

  2. Well Thank you YeOldFurt, I scrambled to get this on since my outrage was overwhelming. Whats next? Will they decide that the Constitution is OLD and old must be worthless. They know better than WE the People? I only wish Wagnor had a pair to just say NO! First "THEY" say to the banks take this money with no choice and now "THEY" can become the defacto Board of GM. We are talking about the formerly LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!! Again Thank you for the comment. Mark