Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homeland Security Blackhawk Helicopter landing here

Now this was just brought up by one of my little ones. Today at school a Homeland Security Black Hawk helicopter landed on the school football field. Now I will say that my town has only 50,000 people and we are as far as I can tell little threat to anyone. So why is there a Homeland Security helicopter anywhere near here. They do not have a long range and to fly here just to land at a school is strange.

Now a local military asset is important but any unarmed helicopter is a waste of time unless its just for local transport. I know it was unarmed from the pictures taken by my little one. Camera phone you know. Unable at this time to include images since the phone is not cooperating. Will try later.

We have military helicopters that fly around on occasion but not these. The Homeland Security choppers have the gold stripe running the length of the fuselage.

From the sound that any helicopter makes when it approaches its no wonder they are a good target for ground fire. My best friend in high school was an Army chopper pilot. He took me up once in Alaska. Great trip. Not so good for the kidneys. His was a Huey. You would think there should be a silent chopper?

That brings me to a question about choppers. Remember a while---- back in the Persian Gulf some Seals or the such raided a ship by helicopter? It was a while ago so you may not remember. Didn't the crew hear it coming from a long ways away? Just a chopper question that popped into my head.

Well I will end now. Hope to have images posted as soon as the phone cooperates

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