Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mexico drug buying trips (legal drugs)

I am sure that most people are aware that Mexico allows the selling of what would be prescription drugs in this country, Over the Counter. You can walk into any Mexican Pharmacia and buy practically anything without a prescription. I first experienced this with my parents about a year ago. I was visiting them down south and they had planned a trip to Mexico to pick up some items that would otherwise be very expensive here in the USA. We drove to an Arizona border town called Algodones Mexico (this town is the town for this type of activity)and parked in this huge parking lot that was at he time mostly empty ( it was close to summer, no snow birds). We just walked into Mexico and started shopping for drugs. We did go into town a ways to get them even cheaper than the closer stores. You can get any anti-biotic you want in any quantity. Cipro was flying off the shelves. I even noticed some strong pain relievers for sale. You must get a list of Mexican names for these drugs so that you know what to ask for. Most of the sales people speak some English and have dealt with so many Americans that they know what you want right away. Now I was overwhelmed with everything they could sell.

Now of course some will worry about the quality and the actual content of what you are getting. I was assured by my parents who are not the kind to just follow the crowd and they did much research on this subject, even asking local doctors and pharmacists before even driving one mile toward the border. Not everyone will be able to drop in on Mexico just like that but if you want to make a once a year trip it is worth the drive. If you have wanted a stash of anything you would need a prescription for in this country then this is the way to go.

No with all the news about the crime in Mexico, I was surprised at the number of police all over the place in this town. This town brings in a group of money to the Mexican economy and they do not want any problems. To give you an idea about the size of this operation on the USA side the parking lot was the size of some large casinos in Vegas. It was HUGE. The US Customs station coming back into the USA had long shaded Disneyland type cattle herding walkways that stretched for as far as you could see. My parents said that when the snowbirds are down south the wait to get back into the USA is up to 6 or 10 HOURS sometimes. We went in the off season SUMMER and waited only 15 minutes. The Customs guy asked "What is in the bag?" As long as you do not have Narcotics you are fine. They could care less about the non-narcotic medicines. But do not say I got some stuff for my friend or my buddy, they frown upon this. They are your drugs period. There were people in line that had BOXES of drugs they were bringing back.

One other thing that this town offers is DENTISTRY on the cheap. Also recommended by several people I talked to in line and at the pharmacy. You can get anything done and without an appointment. My brother was down with my folks one year and had lots done with no problems and little cash.

You will soon need a passport to get back into the USA but when I went down all I needed was an Id with a US address. I had my military Id and that was OK too.

I thought my experience with this drug buying trip was something that could be used by those who had thought about doing this.

Viva la Algodones, Mexico

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