Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet the new DOTUS our Dear Leader

Well I have coined a new term for the Obamanation "DOTUS" Dictator Of The United States. He is now on equal terms with the likes of Kim Jong-il and Chavez. Our Dear Leader has seen fit once again to CHARGE HEAD LONG INTO SHIT HE HAS NO CLUE ABOUT by asking for the resignation of a PRIVATE COMPANY CEO!!! This was not and is not his place or responsibility! I only wish that Wagnor had a PAIR!

We are the fast track towards COMMUNISM forget socialism we are beyond that point.

This LOSER has no idea of what he is doing, he is Playing President and making it up as he goes. This is not a game, this is the future of our country he is playing with. I bet he went back to the TV to check out the latest on the Final 4 or some such worthless activity as that. I am waiting for him to start his own TV REALITY series called "HOW FAR CAN I GO."

You wait and see he will start taking over the oil companies, firearms companies, utility companies, drug companies, hell the entire stock market is at risk from here on.

The dolts on CNBC whom I watch daily have barely touched on the fact that a sitting President just eliminated a CEO in the blink of an eye and they make it seem as an everyday occurrence, maybe it will be.

I am not a conspiracy buff but some have merit and I believe that this LOSER has something on the majority of those in power. Why else would he be able to wield such power without any backlash what so ever?

I thought that Billary was made of Teflon, this guy is like nothing we have seen before.

I now wait patiently for the order from the Dear Leader for Marshal Law nation wide. This is not far off I am afraid. He has UNLIMITED power now and since no one is complaining he can do what ever he likes. My only peace of mind in all of this is that he don't know us very well do he(Elmer Fudd)? We are not the country of Venezuela or North Korea. I guess he has never studied any history. We do not just give up and play dead.

Enough for now I need to get something to eat and I would like to be able to keep it down.


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