Friday, March 6, 2009

Surviving Iceland and Those EYES

Ran across this website in my travels. Sites actual title is Surviving Iceland. Was stationed in Iceland in the 80's. A beautiful country with great people. This site is her personal blog and she runs another one that translates local news events form Icelandic to English. She uses the screen name Anya. She and a lot of her fellow Islanders (their spelling of Icelanders) are having a rough time economically. If you have a chance check out her site you will not be disappointed Trust me on this one. This country has, as far as I know, the largest use of geothermal energy of any nation. They have great fishing both in the Atlantic ocean and in the local rivers for salmon and trout. More sheep than people (no sheep jokes please). The most literate country in the world too. More books per person than any other nation. Also has the oldest democracy still in existence they call it the Althang. Also elected the first Women President. Reagan and Gorby met there too, Reagan left early. Most of the population is redheads and blonds, she is Blond. Bobby Fischer played a major chess match in the capital city Rekjavik.

Please check out her site and let me know what you think.

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