Friday, March 13, 2009

Greatest Dow Jones % gain EVER

Here is a little something that may surprise readers. Since the markets are having a little rebound of late I thought I would give a little history of the Dow Jones Bull Markets. The greatest % increase in the Dow was 15.34% and get this the date was 15 March 1933. The next 3 highest % gains ever on the Dow are as follows; 6 Oct. 1931 14.87%, 30 Oct 1929 12.34% and 21 Sept. 1932 11.36%. Now all of these were in the heart of the Depression. Even Hoover pointed out in his later years that his administration had the greatest BULL market to that date. These records still stand to this day.

Now for the connection to today's markets. The 5th highest % gain of all time was 13 Oct. 2008 11.08% and the 6th highest was 28 Oct. 2008 10.88%.

The 8th through the 10th highest % gains were also in the heart of the depression, 3 Aug. 1932 9.52%, 11 Feb. 1932 9.47% and 14 Nov. 1929 9.36%.

Coming in at number 7 was 21 Oct. 1987 10.15%. 1987 also has the highest % loss of all time of
-22.61% on 19 Oct 1987. This is followed by 28 Oct. 1929 at 12.82%.

See any pattern here?

Now I am not predicting anything but the markets have a history of this type of rebound we are experiencing in today's market. Just thought it would be fun to see these numbers.

Buy the way at the same time the market is up so is gold and silver. Go figure.

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