Monday, March 30, 2009


Well it is now official we have a new company called GM or GOVERNMENT MOTORS CORPORATION. They do not even have to change the names on the building or the cars.

The Obamanation teleprompter is speaking as I type and the Market is responding accordingly. One bright spot in all of this is that Gold, Silver and Platinum are up.

Whats with all the suits around him are they the fall guys/gals if what he proposes goes wrong and it will. It took all of these people to tells us what we already knew, GM and Chrysler were broke and needed help to remain viable. We give money freely to financial institutions who MAKE nothing but there is a reluctance to give more money to companies that actually make something.

Just in "THE U.S.A. will now guarantee all warranties on GM cars" this directly from the Dear Leaders mouth. Unbelievable that this would even be bantered around as an idea. He had earlier said that the GOVERNMENT would not run GM. What the hell does this look like. I guess that those who own a GM product are now in charge of their own warranty since the Government is THE PEOPLE. How will this work, do you show up at the body shop and say your Uncle Sam will take care of it. Will they issue a new warranty card with the Treasury Seal on it or what?

I think I am in a really bad nightmare and I will wake up SOON and this will be just a bad memory.

Can you say COMMUNISM? By the way I hate the word COMRADE, this is a Communist indoctrination word and should not be used to describe fellow military members or anyone who is a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Also the word HOMELAND is a communist word just check your history books. Could be worse "They" could have called it the Fatherland!

Stay tuned for more propaganda from the Dear Leader coming soon to a TV near you. When do the military parades start? Can you imagine the Macy's Parade with M1A1 tanks and Humvees instead of Balloons, they could use WWII barrage Balloons instead. Can you say Jack booted Thugs marching down 5th Avenue.

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