Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I really want everyone who reads this to BUY SILVER NOW. Do not wait. I cannot say it any simpler, Silver is CHEAP. I said the same thing in a previous post titled DOWN JONES and HI YO SILVER. Even Mad Money Jim Cramer said buy it and said buy it and has been saying it for a while. Yes I know it is bulky, heavy, not as pretty, and NOT AS EXPENSIVE as GOLD. You can get 70 ounces of silver for the cost of 1 ounce of gold at today's closing price. Again I will give you the numbers. For the price of gold to equal the 1980's highest price , inflation adjusted, gold would have to be around $2300.00 an ounce. The same inflation adjusted price for silver to match the highest price of the 1980's would have to reach $400.00 an ounce. So when they say gold hit a record, its only record was for current prices not inflation adjusted prices.

Even if you buy 70 ounces of silver today at the dealer price of say $16.00(see below) an ounce for $1120.00 and if silver goes up to the 2008 high of $20.00 an ounce you have gained a value of $280.00 for a 25% increase. For a total value of $1400.00. That is just a $4.00 rise in price over the $16.00 you paid. If you bought the 1 ounce of gold for $998.00 (kitco U.S. gold eagle see below), and it goes up 25% you make $249.50 or a total value now of $1247.50. Now as I write this the Euro markets show silver at 13.09 with an .18 cent increase or a 1.39% increase while gold is at 913.60 up $7.70 or an increase of .85%. (silver closed in the U.S. at $12.90 an ounce and dealers make a profit, usually about $2 to $3 an ounce, gold was at $905.90, with the Kitco profit of $93.00 an ounce or $998.00).

Please buy silver now, sell the trinkets, collections that someone else might want, sell that extra TV, Sell on craigslist it free.

If the folks who read this blog are truly concerned about the future then you will heed my advice.

My father told me years ago to buy as much silver as you can and hold on to it. I have followed his advice since then.


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