Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buy more Stock in INK and Paper

Let me get this straight. The Federal Reserve is going to buy $1,000,000,000,000.00 ($1 trillion) in long term Treasury Bonds and Mortgage securities. So we are using worthless paper to buy worthless paper?

This action comes just days after China expressed concerns about the HUGE investment they have in long term Treasuries. Are we going to buy back some of China's securities? We are buying $300 billion worth.

Then there is the purchase of Government Guaranteed? Mortgages. Are these Fannie and Freddie CRAP? Cost is $750 Billion.

Fed balance sheet has doubled in size from $900 billion to $1.8 Trillion and is expected to grow to over $3 trillion over the next year.

Here is a quote from an article in the New York Slime; "The Fed rarely buys long-term government bonds. The last occasion was nearly 50 years ago under different economic circumstances when it tried to reduce long-term interest rates while allowing short term rates to rise."

That same article says they may be buying Commercial real estate mortgages in the future.

Here's another quote from same article: "The Fed’s action is an expansion of its effort to bypass the private banking system and act as a lender in its own right." Where do I apply for a loan?

What kind of cooling system do they have on the printing presses? I guess the guys that work there have job security for the time being.

Buy the way the dollar has lost 5% of its value this week. Gold was up dramatically yesterday at one point it climbed $45.00 an ounce. Gold is up $60.00 an ounce as I type this. Platinum and silver are up too. Maybe the Fed should have bought some of these instead of more paper.

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