Thursday, March 5, 2009

Engage Brain before shifting mouth into gear

Is it just me or does the stock market tank even more every time the Obamanation opens his mouth? Today the Dow fell 281 points or or 4.09%, the Nasdaq fell 54.15 or 4% and the S&P 500 fell 30.32 or 4.25% and the Obamanation talked. Now I am not complaining since I have NOTHING in the stock market and Gold went up $26.50 to $932.40 or 2.93% and SILVER, MY FAVORITE, went up 33 cents to $13.24 or 2.56%. But there a lot of people who are seeing investments go down the drain. Since the Obamanation took office the Dow has lost 20.35%. Now is that the fault of George W. Bush? NO! Is it the Obamanations fault, well no but he should get the hint that when he talks things go south WORSE than they might have. The Turbo Tax dodger is no better. By the way wasn't Turbo Tax dodger in charge of the NEW YORK FED with oversight of some NEW YORK financials? I know most of this is old news but really folks can someone put a gag in the Obamanation's mouth. On second thought those of us who have Gold and Silver hope he keeps right on talking. Never mind everything I said. You just go on spouting what ever it is you say and I will be happy. There is always 2010.

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