Monday, March 30, 2009

Military History Question Answer

Well I guess no takers on this one. Here is the question.

Everyone knows the name of the plane that dropped the First atomic bomb. Name the plane that dropped the second A-bomb. Where is that plane today? What were the names given to the bombs? These two bombs were totally different in design, name the major difference, other than size? Which of these bomb designs was never tested to see if it would work?

The aircraft that dropped the second A-Bomb was Bockscar and the aircraft is on display at the Air Force Museum Dayton Ohio. The bombs were named Little boy, Hiroshima and Fat man Nagasaki. One little trivia blurb about the Nagasaki Bomb it was originally targeted for another city, name escapes me now but it was the boyhood home of the man who gave us the Tornado FUJITA scale Tetsuya Fujita. Ironically it was weather that saved him. Little boy was a gun type Uranium bomb and the Nagasaki bomb was a plutonium bomb with an implosion type detonator. The bomb tested at the Trinity site was a plutonium bomb like the one dropped on Nagasaki. They knew the gun type bomb would work but did not know if the other would. That was the reason for the Trinity test.


Well it is now official we have a new company called GM or GOVERNMENT MOTORS CORPORATION. They do not even have to change the names on the building or the cars.

The Obamanation teleprompter is speaking as I type and the Market is responding accordingly. One bright spot in all of this is that Gold, Silver and Platinum are up.

Whats with all the suits around him are they the fall guys/gals if what he proposes goes wrong and it will. It took all of these people to tells us what we already knew, GM and Chrysler were broke and needed help to remain viable. We give money freely to financial institutions who MAKE nothing but there is a reluctance to give more money to companies that actually make something.

Just in "THE U.S.A. will now guarantee all warranties on GM cars" this directly from the Dear Leaders mouth. Unbelievable that this would even be bantered around as an idea. He had earlier said that the GOVERNMENT would not run GM. What the hell does this look like. I guess that those who own a GM product are now in charge of their own warranty since the Government is THE PEOPLE. How will this work, do you show up at the body shop and say your Uncle Sam will take care of it. Will they issue a new warranty card with the Treasury Seal on it or what?

I think I am in a really bad nightmare and I will wake up SOON and this will be just a bad memory.

Can you say COMMUNISM? By the way I hate the word COMRADE, this is a Communist indoctrination word and should not be used to describe fellow military members or anyone who is a citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Also the word HOMELAND is a communist word just check your history books. Could be worse "They" could have called it the Fatherland!

Stay tuned for more propaganda from the Dear Leader coming soon to a TV near you. When do the military parades start? Can you imagine the Macy's Parade with M1A1 tanks and Humvees instead of Balloons, they could use WWII barrage Balloons instead. Can you say Jack booted Thugs marching down 5th Avenue.

Meet the new DOTUS our Dear Leader

Well I have coined a new term for the Obamanation "DOTUS" Dictator Of The United States. He is now on equal terms with the likes of Kim Jong-il and Chavez. Our Dear Leader has seen fit once again to CHARGE HEAD LONG INTO SHIT HE HAS NO CLUE ABOUT by asking for the resignation of a PRIVATE COMPANY CEO!!! This was not and is not his place or responsibility! I only wish that Wagnor had a PAIR!

We are the fast track towards COMMUNISM forget socialism we are beyond that point.

This LOSER has no idea of what he is doing, he is Playing President and making it up as he goes. This is not a game, this is the future of our country he is playing with. I bet he went back to the TV to check out the latest on the Final 4 or some such worthless activity as that. I am waiting for him to start his own TV REALITY series called "HOW FAR CAN I GO."

You wait and see he will start taking over the oil companies, firearms companies, utility companies, drug companies, hell the entire stock market is at risk from here on.

The dolts on CNBC whom I watch daily have barely touched on the fact that a sitting President just eliminated a CEO in the blink of an eye and they make it seem as an everyday occurrence, maybe it will be.

I am not a conspiracy buff but some have merit and I believe that this LOSER has something on the majority of those in power. Why else would he be able to wield such power without any backlash what so ever?

I thought that Billary was made of Teflon, this guy is like nothing we have seen before.

I now wait patiently for the order from the Dear Leader for Marshal Law nation wide. This is not far off I am afraid. He has UNLIMITED power now and since no one is complaining he can do what ever he likes. My only peace of mind in all of this is that he don't know us very well do he(Elmer Fudd)? We are not the country of Venezuela or North Korea. I guess he has never studied any history. We do not just give up and play dead.

Enough for now I need to get something to eat and I would like to be able to keep it down.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Narcissitic, Incompetent, Dictator, Bafoon

I cannot put to words what I want to in order to express my OUTRAGE at this Incompetent, Narcissistic, Dictator, Bastard. Yes I am talking about the OBAMANATION who some call the POTUS. Well he is nothing but a dressed up buffoon with a degree.

Now he asks for the resignation of a CEO, and the ass agrees. I would have told him to shove it where the sun does not shine and laughed in his face. Never mind that he has given my company money I would have started choking because I laughed so hard.

Unbelievable I wish I could be more precise as to how I feel but I am practicing restraint. XXX Edited for content to prevent an O dark thirty visit from the men in Black. XXX
I hope all those who voted for him rot in hell. Anyone with half a brain should have known better than to vote for this arrogant asshole. But no he promised CHANGE and boy did he deliver.

If your offended by my remarks GOOD I hope I did offend you. If you voted for this Bastard you deserve more than I can dish out. Yes he is a Bastard Child since his father was already married to an African women when he married the loser that gave birth to this loser. Seems Clinton was a bastard child too. See a pattern here. Both were Narcissistic Bastards.

Is it like Michael Savage says that "Liberalism is a mental disorder." I think it should be listed in the:
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-IV-TR .

The part that gets me the most is no one who could stop this, like the Supreme Court of Wimps or some brave judge somewhere, nobody is doing anything. This loser is left to fester like an open wound and the assholes of the MSM just keep spouting the same old shit. They are mesmerized or something. Has this bastard got something on everyone or what?

You just wait this is the tip of the iceberg for shit coming from this bastard. He has just begun to screw all of us.

I can only hope for a very large Asteroid on the scale of Texas sized striking D.C. (Dumb ass Central) when everyone is there. I do not care if it causes a worldwide disaster it would be worth it in the long run.

I have to go I can no longer think about this. I need a drink.

cannot seem to get the spacing to work sorry

What Can One Person Do?

Well I let my anger at the events unfolding in this Great Country get the best of me. I have since refrained from flying my flag upside down. I know that this was going to portray me as a NUT Job, militant, anti American(those who do not know the meaning), neighborhood crazy ETC. Not to mention the OPSEC breach mentioned by fellow bloggers.

But what can one person do to facilitate change or bring attention to the myriad of problems facing our Nation?

I have racked my brain daily on this question. Forget about the 535 they are useless as a submarine with screen hatches. Local government such as Governor's and State Legislators have of late done some things to ensure States rights. My state is among them with a 10th Amendment bill and a possible REAL MONEY bill in the form of using bullion Coins like gold and silver before the Depression and prior to 1964 for all monetary transactions. States can not make coinage or paper money but nothing says what form of currency they have to accept for payment.

But what about the other problems we face? The National Debt, Socialism/Communism take over, growing dependence on the 535 for everything from health care to food and shelter, attacks on the food growing industry, Unconstitutional laws, Bill of Rights erosion, Taxation with representation because they know better than we do (these losers even say it to our faces), Immigration out of control, economy in the tank so lets print more money, Give that money to the Financial institutions that caused the problem or better yet lets buy our own Treasury Bills (makes them worth even less)(this new vast amount of money has yet to hit the open market but when it does watch out for massive inflation), Lets FREE the TERRORISTS and let them live among us, On the other hand lets allow the destruction of our population base by allowing even more government subsidized abortions(I know that this is not a popular subject for all but it is important to the moral decline of our Country), These last two subjects sound more like the rant of OSAMA than a U.S. President OBAMA, Only one letter difference.( I know that there is another spelling USAMA), weakening of our military(the Obamanations ILK actually proposed making soldiers pay for medical care for injuries received on ACTIVE DUTY!!), Then there is the CAN HE BE PRESIDENT ISSUE?(nothing will be done) Well you get the idea. I am sure I missed something but I tried to list the ones that are front and center.

Nothing short of a new Declaration of Independence will work in my humble opinion. Even if we replace ever member of the HOUSE in 2010 and all of the Senators up for reelection I am sure that the same old crap will continue. Am I wrong?

So if anyone out there has a GOOD idea please share it here. I will put them in another post if you agree. Somebody out there has THE IDEA that may make a difference. They may be reluctant to share or think that it does not have merit. The only thing I ask is that all comments fall short of the the only obvious SOLUTION!

Thank you for letting me vent.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Well I guess its me against the world

I thought there would be at least someone who wanted me dead or strung up for the post about flying the U.S. Flag upside down. But Nothing. On something this controversial I expected at least one response. I read on Google that there are several others doing the same thing(for election and other reasons) and some have been threatened with arrest and the such. Has anyone ever been arrested for burning a flag. Maybe not for the flag burning but the fire itself. I will continue my protest even with my family not so happy about it. I was told not to fly my BIG(really BIG) flag by the misses so I bought a new smaller one.

Prior to the last election I had signs up everyday in my front yard and on my truck. They were fluorescent color poster board. They were ; NOBAMA, BUSH III OR MARX II and GOOGLE ODINGA. They would be torn down or defaced daily but I put them back up each day. One day there were many Obamanation stickers put on my truck everywhere. I was not deterred. I was thanked at stores and on the road when driving my truck. Then too my family was not as exuberant as I was. But I continued even after my youngest was asked why I was doing it by school mates and even by teachers.

I assure everyone out there that this was not something of a whim for me. I have been thinking about it for months. I respect the flag and all it stands for. I am a retired Veteran of the United States Air Force. I consider myself a Patriot and a Defender of The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, All of it.

So far this year the Constitution has been trampled to death and the Government has ignored (more than usual) the PEOPLE of this country who want to put a stop to the outright socialist takeover of this Great Country!

Money is flowing fast and furious and this threatens not only the economic stability of the USA and its possible total collapse, but the future of our children, their children and their children's, children. All in the name of saving a few lousy corporations, that if they had been less greedy they would still be viable. Then when we help them with billions of $$$$$ they send it overseas or to other banks like Goldman Sachs.

Now our so called leaders want more money for more companies and there are people who can barley feed themselves or are homeless. Sure some of the homeless or hungry may have been Greedy too (homes they could not afford ETC.)but what is more important a company or a person?

Are we now under a socialist government, without any say in what our government does? Do we have representation? Is this the type of government you want? Is this what our military has fought and died for?

Has the American Flag been reduced to a status symbol for the elite to flaunt when it suits them? Do "THEY" check their lapel to be sure that the Flag pin is there for reasons other than Patriotism? Has the Flag become nothing but a piece of cloth or a metal pin?

I do not take lightly my flying the flag of the United States of America Upside down. I love my Country and the Flag that represents it more than you will know. But to stand by idly and do nothing when this Great Nation IS in DISTRESS is not my way.

If I have offended anyone that was not my intent. My only hope is that some will understand my actions as that of a Patriot who knows when his country is in dire trouble!

I have put a portion of the Declaration of Independence here so you can read it again.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

God Bless America

Mark Kent

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is a great article from our neighbor to the north. Worth the read. Asks the same question that has been on many blogs of late. When is enough enough America?

What will it take for US to say NO More. What is the tipping point or has it passed?

I have a simply yet recognizable type of protest. If it spreads around the country maybe it will be a starting point or a rally point. It is very simple for most patriots to do and is a recognized distress symbol.


I think if enough people around the country start this and it gets national attention maybe someone will get the idea that we have had enough.

I am starting In the morning with this plan, I have a huge flagpole so it will not be missed. I live on a busy intersection in a medium size town and my house is on the way to all of the TV stations transmission centers.

A silent protest is the best of all because everyone who does not know why you are doing it has to ask you the question and if they are sheeple you can tell them the reason. Remember if you do this, represent our cause with dignity and respect. The only dumb question is the one that never gets asked. You may even want to put up a small sign that states your reasons for your action (make many because they will be torn down).

I know from experience that there will be people who want to argue with or destroy your Free Speech. Do not let them get under your skin just brush it off. Trust me I have dealt with this kind of anti Free Speech stuff before during the past election.

I will let you know the response here. I have mainly the old American values in my town with only a minority who do not share my beliefs (why I moved here).

Mark Kent

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Want to own an anti gravity device? Really no joke!

I knew the title would attract attention. But this is no gimmick. Windup watches are actually tiny Anti Gravity devices. In the Elgin Watchmakers book it says that if a large enough watch movement could be made it would actually defy gravity. Now the smaller ones do this on a very tiny scale, the Balance wheel(the part that moves back and forth inside the watch) is made to be unaffected by the forces of gravity or it would stop running in short time. It is mounted on two points that allow it to move freely and it has counter weights attached to the outside ring and a very very tiny spring that causes it to wind and unwind at great speeds. Thus it is not affected by the gravity and can continue to run until the mainspring runs down. Well enough of that.

Being an apprentice watchmaker and before that I have always been intrigued by watches. How they work and why they keep time. Nowadays there are more battery powered watches than windup types. Yes the digital watches are great since you do not have to remember to wind them. They have many bells and whistles too.

But the great thing about a windup watch or an Automatic winder is that they are all repairable. Now I am not suggesting that the battery powered ones cannot be fixed. I either replace the battery or just replace the entire movement with a new one and its fixed. The windup kind are much more adaptable to repair. They are very simple actually. Just some gears and a mainspring and some of what most would call bearings. Those bearings in a REAL watch are tiny man made Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond. What we call Jewels. All of the gears on a watch ride on tiny jewels like a pivot point but no pivot. The jewels reduce friction to an absolute minimum and allow the gears to move freely, lubricated of course.

Now the whole point of this post is to encourage you to buy a windup or automatic watch for your survival gear. No need to change the batteries or buy extra batteries. Just leave it in with your supplies and when it is needed it will work just fine.

Now everyone who is an old hat at this survival stuff knows about EMP. Well say goodbye to that digital watch in that event. But the REAL watch is unaffected by EMP.

Times were when the military were issued windup watches with 24 hour dials. I do not know if our military still does this. They can still be purchased though in used condition and are made by fine watchmakers of all kinds.

Now there is such a thing as an 8 day clock. This is a clock a little larger than a normal pocket watch and it has TWO huge mainsprings that allow it to run, once wound, for 8 days without winding. These are also the same type used in Aircraft for pilot use. You know the black luminous dial kind seen in all military cockpits. I have imaged one and another type of 8 day clock for reference.

The automatic winder is great for those that forget to wind their watch daily. It works on the principle of movement, arm movement. It has a mechanism that winds the watch while you wear it without you even having to think about it. Rolex(avoid these please, I will explain) has this type of movement. Many other inexpensive and reliable brands have this type also.

My thing about Rolex is not just me. My watch master(my term for him) has been doing this for 63 years and he along with other REAL watchmakers always say AVOID Rolex watches. Rolex is mainly about marketing and selling. Less about reliability. I must say though they have an outstanding case. One piece case made out of a single piece of metal which surrounds the most troublesome movement made. If you must have a watch that will impress please seek out a Patek Phillipe. This has a fine movement and puts Rolex to shame as far as being THE watch to own. If someone who owns a Rolex has never heard of a Patek then they are wannabes in the Jet Set today. They say the Patek is not a watch it is an Heirloom. $$$$ Patek $$$$, get it? Worth every penny though. A used Patek may cost as little as $2000.00 for a low end basic model 18k case and such and the top of the line USED may run 5 figures!

For those of us in the real world seek out an old Elgin, Hamilton, Omega, Titus, Timex, Bulova, Illinois, Gruen, Longines and Waltham to name a few. Bulova and Elgin made some military types including the 8 day aircraft clocks.
For those of you who worry about accuracy just remember that the trains in this country were run on time for Many, Many years with windup pocket watches. These were RR grade watches used by the conductor accurate to 3 seconds a month! They also come in wrist watches. They will say on the face that they are RR grade. Or just ask any watchmaker about them he or she will know.

Now a pocket watch with a hunter case(cover over the dial that protects the crystal)is ideal for traveling over rough terrain. It can be kept inside a jacket or pack and will be protected from damage unlike a wrist watch. They do make waterproof watches in windup form but I do not know of a waterproof pocket watch, I will check.

I hope I have given you a little info to help you make a decision on buying a REAL watch. OH one more thing, unless that digital watch has hands on it or a built in compass you cannot use it as a direction finder(pseudo compass) as many of you probably know how to do!

Any questions feel free to ask I am always willing to help out.

Dandelion Friend or Foe

Dandelions get a bad rap from gardeners and lawn freaks. Many do not know (most survival minded do) that Dandelions are food and medicine in one. Most of the info here is from

This post is about growing them intentionally for food and medicine use. Yeah I know some of you are cringing and hoping you are not the neighbor of that person. These little "weeds" are a great source of vitamins such as B-1, B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6, B-12, C, E, P, and D, biotin, inositol, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. The root contains the sugar inulin (see below), plus many medicinal substances.

It’s supposed to strengthen the entire body, especially the liver and gallbladder, where it promotes the flow of bile, reduces inflammation of the bile duct, and helps get rid of gall stones. This is due to its taraxacin. It’s good for chronic hepatitis, it reduces liver swelling and jaundice, and it helps indigestion caused by insufficient bile. Don't use it with irritable stomach or bowel, or if you have an acute inflammation.

Dandelion root’s inulin is a sugar that doesn't elicit the rapid production of insulin, as refined sugars do. It helps mature-onset diabetes, and I used it as part of a holistic regime for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The taproot is edible all year, but is best from late fall to early spring.

You can also eat dandelion flowers, or use them to make wine. Collect them in a sunny meadow, just before mid-spring, when the most flowers bloom. Some continue to flower right into the fall. Use only the flower’s yellow parts. The green sepals at the flower’s base are bitter.

Collect dandelion leaves in early spring, when they're the tastiest, before the flowers appear. Harvest again in late fall. After a frost, their protective bitterness disappears. Dandelions growing in rich, moist soil, with the broadest leaves and largest roots, are the best. Select the youngest individuals, and avoid all plants with flowers.

I myself saw first hand people who loved these plants. While stationed in Alaska shortly after the huge influx of Vietnam refugees my new neighbors being from Vietnam asked me if they could pick my dandelions and of course being uninformed I said yes. They would pick the leaves while they were still very young and curly like a wild fern plant. I know better now why they picked them.

The article also says that there are no poisonous plants that look like the dandelion. Chicory and Wild lettuce are similar.

Now everyone knows how fast these things grow and how tough they are. So what could be better than growing them as a supplement to your diet. They are perennial and even if you snap off the root to eat it they will grow back eventually. Here where I live they even make it through the worst winters every year. The plant is also self fertilizing so it does not need to be pollinated. Basically they are sexless.

This is just some Food for thought as it were. Give it a try and see if it would be a viable addition to your survival needs. You could even raise them indoors in one of those herb gardens they advertise on TV. That way you could control the spread of the seeds to your neighbors yard and remain friends. I suggest getting seeds from a plant far from people so that you avoid any pesticides or should I say try to avoid them as much as possible.

Next time you are on some remote trip and see one growing give it a try and you may be surprised at what you taste. Yes I have tried them and they are not bad. Try getting the leaves before they spread out.

As with anything I put on this blog, the info is there for you to do your own research. Do not take my word for it and that of the author who's info I have presented.

China/Russia Talk about new Reserve currency

The current default Reserve currency today is the U. S. Dollar. China alone holds TON$ of U.S. Treasury Bonds. Basically they are holding and buying our debt. As you may remember a while back China expressed concern over the dollar and the U.S. in general that we may not be able to pay what we owe in the form of Treasuries that they own. I do not blame them. As with any investment you are concerned about the potential loss of that investment or its decrease in value.

Now China and Russia are in talks with the IMF to create a new Reserve Currency. This would be a totally new Super National Global currency. Can you say NWO. This will be discussed at the upcoming G20 meeting in London on April 2nd.

If they do create this New Currency it will cause a total collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Can you say TEOTWAWKI.

Of course all the world leaders are spouting the same thing and some have even used the term "New World Economic Order"(U.K. Brown). Even Bernanke told the CFR recently "that a new overarching financial authority should be created and empowered with sweeping new regulatory responsibilities." (above info is from 23 March 2009)

Well here we go. NWO is on the fast track under the guise of Economic trouble. "They" have the solution and "WE" will pay the price. If "They" do create this new money say goodbye to any savings you have in the bank or in any financial institution. Here's why, When a new currency is issued "They" will exchange your OLD money for the New Money but not one for one. More like 10 old types for 1 new type. This means a huge loss for anyone with cash.

Those with Gold or Silver will be fine but you still only get the new crap instead of the old crap when you divest.
Paper is paper no matter who's picture is on it. Speaking of that who would they put on this new money, The IMF Director, CFR people?

"Can you hear me now?" NO! and heres why

Cellphones are very popular and they come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very expensive while others are cheap. So the more expensive cell with all the bells and whistles must be better than the $10.00 phone right. There are many different providers of service too. You see commercials about them all the time. When was the last time you say an Ad about Tracfones? Yes those pay as you go phones you see hanging on the racks along side the reload minute cards. Cheap and not very stylish looking. Well let me tell you a little story about what cheap does for you.

I love to go to my favorite Ghost town. This place is in the middle of now where. The nearest town is 60 miles away and when I say town I am talking population of around 3000. There are no cellphone towers anywhere near this place and it is located in a bowl shaped valley.

When we go to this place we go in style in a Large motor home. Very lavish (not mine), anyway on the first morning of our stay there we woke up to NO COFFEE anywhere we looked in the RV. Now I know this is not an emergency but it could have been a 911 event instead. My point is that My father tried to call home to ask where some coffee might be and his Verizon Phone was Useless. I had a cheap little Tracfone that I paid $9.99 on sale and so I said let me try. I dialed the number and got the home answering machine. Leaving a message I hung up. I was surprised I got through on my little bargain. I tried later and got through again still no one home. But the whole point is that it worked!

Here is the reason why. I later found out the my Tracfone had 3 different types of transmission frequencies. Think of it as 3 different channels it can operate on (simplified of course). So my phone was a tri-band phone. The reason I was told that my little phone had Tri-band capability was that since it was not a big name brand phone the Tracfone people made it so it would work on all available networks. The band that made my call possible was an ANALOG band called FDMA, Frequency Division Multiple Access. This type of band works like a radio station and works on a wide bandwidth. Just think of it as a radio with a freq. scanner that finds a station that it can tune in(simple again). That is what my little phone did. It found a station it could call out from by scanning for it. It scanned a 45MHZ bandwidth range looking for someplace to connect to.

Verizon and the other major cellphone companies do not use Analog signals in their Network so no connection is possible in the middle of no where.

The other types of transmission technologies used are, TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access and CMDA, Code Division Multiple Access. Both of these are DIGITAL transmission type frequencies for DIGITAL phones.

Here is a break down of these terms from .

The first word tells you what the access method is. The second word, division, lets you know that it splits calls based on that access method.
FDMA puts each call on a separate frequency.
TDMA assigns each call a certain portion of time on a designated frequency.
CDMA gives a unique code to each call and
spreads it over the available frequencies. The last part of each name is multiple access. This simply means that more than one user can utilize each cell.

The last two types are digital only. Now I am sure that there are other phones out there that have Analog capabilities but I know for sure that Tracfones KYOCERA has it. It is the cheap looking old style phone. I will put an image up for you.

The whole point of this post is to give you an advantage when you need it most. If the event I described had been a 911 type emergency we would have been up the creek without a paddle.

So the next time you are out shopping buy one of these cheap phones and put in your car just in case. The $9 or so cost may save a life.

Even if you do not buy one of these find out if your current provider has a Tri-Band phone.

I am sure many of you out there are aware of this but a repeat of info is not a waste of time for those who do not have the knowledge.

By the way there was no real coffee in the RV just DECAF. I did find some tea for a caffeine fix.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BOYCOTT J.P. MORGAN CHASE Email I sent to J.P. Morgan Chase

BELOW is a copy of an email I sent to J.P. Morgan/ Chase. This is response to a post by CoyotePrime about J.P. Morgan buying some new Gulfstreams and possibly taking over a hanger used by a small business who will have his business cut in half if that happens. They only have email for people who want to give them money to throw away, nothing for complaints.

Well I guess this is going to the right department. Abuse is a good title for what you plan to do when your company purchases $120 million dollars worth of aircraft and destroy a small business in the progress. Have you ever heard of Jet Blue or United. Don't tell me that your company does not have stock in any airline.

You (J.P. Morgan/Chase) get $25 billion tax payer dollars and decide to go on a buying spree. I do not care if you already had the money or not. Why not divest yourself of the art collection and pay back some of the money given to you. I know they made you take it but the least you could do is pretend to be thankful.

The hanger that is proposed for your use is currently being used by a small business and will have to cut its business and staff in half if you are given the lease.

I hope there is a customer backlash and people start a run on your banks. I would love to see you all riding on buses to get around.

The person who determined that you needed these planes should be fired and the same goes for anyone who thought the idea was a good one.

If I had any money in your banks I would rush down in the AM and withdraw it. But I am smarter than most since my money is not in the stock market or the banks.

You so called executives are nothing but thieves with a license to steal!

I hope you make the right decision and stick with what ever planes you already have and maybe try flying commercial. Do not give me the important business trip crap either. Ever heard of a video conference, Email, cellphones or faxes.

Mark Kent
U.S.A.F. Retired (worked for a living on AIRPLANES)


I was Flabbergasted during my morning routine of checking my favorite blogs. When I checked out "Running 'Cause I Can't Fly," my tiny ole blog was listed along side some really Great, Giant, HUGE blogs as one of CoyotePrimes favorite blogs. This is quite an honor coming from someone with an such an awesome, high class and totally professional blog.

If you have not visited "Running 'Cause I Can't Fly" you must check it out. There is something for everyone and his posts and images are incredible. He has History, science, political, humor, nature, astronomy I could go on and on. This is not your run of the mill blog, this Prime Blog real estate.

Heck today's The Daily "Near You", (this features an image of someones hometown around the world) brought back great memories. Today it was Reykjavik Iceland, I was stationed there in the 80's. Made me nostalgic for the good old days of my youth.

So I encourage everyone to check out
You do not know what you are missing.

Again Thank You CoyotePrime for your gracious inclusion in your favorite blogs.

Humbly Yours Mark

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 Failed Bank list and Depression,depressing stats

Here is a list of banks that have failed this year alone.

There are 20 banks in all. We are only 81 days into the year so far, that means that every 4.05 days a bank fails (so far). Gee that's only a possibility of 90 bank failures this year. Whew and I was worried. Only 25 banks failed in 2008, 3 in 2007, none in 2006 and 2005, 2004 had 4, 2003 had 3, 11 in 2002 and 4 in 2001 according to the FDIC.

At the above rate of one bank every 4 days we will beat 2008 in 24 days or so. The rate for 2008 was 1 bank every 14.6 days.

Now of course that does not compare to the great depression or does it? Information below is by George Marvin on The entire article can be read at

First, before the Great Depression, there were 25,568 banks in the country. Many of them were mom and pop operations with just one office. While the number of banks was reduced from that level to only 14,771 banks in 1933, a total of 10,797 banks lost, the demise of majority of them happened the same way that it is happening now: The stronger ones are taking over the weaker ones for a few cents on the dollar. There were a TOTAL of 2,489 actual bank failures during the entire Great Depression, as would be defined by the period in which the economy was in recession (late 1929-1933. The economy actually grew by over 10% in 1934, as unemployment dropped and the recovery began. The number of bank failures was miniscule for the rest of the 1930s.) That is an average of 622 bank failures per year at the worst of the depression. To put that into perspective, there were 924 bank failures in 1926, and 636 bank failures in 1927, at the height of the Roaring 20s. The banks that failed back then were mostly small banks, with fewer than a dozen employees. The TOTAL deposits of all of the banks that failed from January, 1921 through december, 1933 was $5.3 billion. The total loss to all depositors was $1.1 billion after the banks were liquidated. According to the CPI, that would be about $86 billion in deposits and $18 billion that the depositors lost due to the liquidations of the banks.

On the other hand, WAMU by itself had 3,150 branches, about the same number as all of the banks that failed during the Great Depression, combined, and over 43,000 employees, more than the entire number that were unemployed by all of the bank failures of the Great Depression combined. Likewise, it held almost as many mortgages as all of the banks that failed during the Great Depression, combined. The one bank had $309 billion in assets, FOUR TIMES THE TOTAL OF ALL OF THE BANKS THAT FAILED DURING THE ENTIRE GREAT DEPRESSION! If there had not been a buyer for its assets, the depositors who were not covered by FDIC insurance may have lost as much as the final losses of every customer of every bank that failed during the entire great depression, combined.

Just more to think about.


Well the lovely media has not reported on anything about Iceland since the protests there.

I follow the events unfolding there for two reasons. One I was stationed in this beautiful country. Two I believe that this small country is a microcosm of the world in general.

Below is a copy of the Central Bank of Iceland's (equal to our FED) statement about the country's banks.

21.03.2009 Changes in Iceland's savings bank operations
The Icelandic authorities decided today to take co-ordinated action to protect the interests of savings bank customers and to ensure continued banking services throughout the country.
The measures taken provide a strong foundation for sustained savings bank operations, enabling the savings banks to take active part in rebuilding the Icelandic economy. As the Government has already announced, all deposits in domestic banks in Iceland are guaranteed in full. The Financial Supervisory Authority has intervened in the operations of SPRON and Sparisjódabankinn on the basis of the Act on Authorisation for Treasury Disbursements due to Unusual Financial Market Circumstances, etc., no. 125/2008.
SPRON customers will automatically have access to their deposits and will receive banking services through New Kaupthing. The same applies to customers of Netbankinn. Customers can obtain information online and at SPRON and Kaupthing branches, where staff will be available to advise them on how to proceed. Sparisj√≥dabankinn’s payment intermediation operations will be taken over by the Central Bank of Iceland.

The unemployment rate there is now pushing 11%. Prior to the world crisis we are now in it was 1.6%. They have a workforce of about 159,000 and about 11% of that number are unemployed. The total population is about 306,000.

According to the Central Bank of Iceland the inflation rate is 17.6%. They even have a graph that charts the inflation rate on their website. The target rate is listed as 2.5%.

The exchange rate has increased from 77.65 Krona to the $ TO 112.94 Krona to the $ in one year, 19 March 2008 TO 19 March 2009. Info also from the Central Bank of Iceland. As of 20 March 2009 it is 113.44. It just keeps rising.

The debt of this country is 200% of GDP. That does not include the debt of the failed banks! This is reported to be the highest in the world!

The fishing industry there is BROKE! With debts of about 800 billion Krona. Fishing accounts for 70% of exports (CIA factsbook) !

I fear that events unfolding in this little country will only spread worldwide soon. To read more you can go to ( English Translation of Icelandic News By the Beautiful eyes of ANYA) or (Central Bank of Iceland website English version).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why are bonuses paid?

Why do EMPLOYEES get bonuses? Is it because they did not do what the company expected of them? Is it for failure? For being a Lone Ranger and doing what ever you want? NO!!

Bonuses are paid to EMPLOYEES for going above and beyond what your company expected you to do or you did just what they wanted you to do. Either you made money for the company or you made a big difference in the company in some way.

The AIG EMPLOYEES would not have been eligible for a bonus if they had not met the terms of that contract, PERIOD! A contract states a certain criteria for each person named in the contract to fulfill that contract. With a loan contract the lender agrees to give you a certain amount of money and you agree to the interest rate and the amount of time you have to pay it back. If you or the lender breach that contract in any way there are consequences. To say that the AIG EMPLOYEES do not deserve the bonuses can only be true if they did not meet the requirements of that contract.

These EMPLOYEES must have done exactly what AIG wanted them to do or they would not have gotten any bonus! If that meant buy more toxic assets then they bought them. Or if they were told to have subordinates buy toxic assets and they did then they were doing what was expected of them.

How do we know that all of these EMPLOYEES were part of the problem? I am sure that not all of those who got bonuses were dealing in bad debt. This is an insurance company. What if some of these people were selling groups of insurance to home owners, life insurance policies, any kind of insurance. Should they be penalized for selling insurance.

My whole point is that the people who are under fire for getting bonuses were entitled to them under CONTRACT LAW. The met the requirements and got the contracted bonus.

If the former CEO had a pair he would take some of his MILLIONS and pay these people what the earned.

Now Congress is violating not only contract law but the Constitution. Besides the fact that they had inserted(DODD) a provision in the last $400 billion bill that protected these and many other bonuses.

The Obamanation mocks Special Olympics

That's it this loser has crossed the line one to many times. This narcissistic fool mocked people with disabilities. How can a sitting President even consider something like that. This gave us an insight into his thinking and what really goes on behind closed doors. Hitler had a similar contempt for those less fortunate than us. We all know what his solution was.

This was no slip this was his true self coming out because there was no TelePrompter. Why do you think he uses them every time he talks to groups of people.

The way I see it he was revealing his narcissistic tendencies because he was not very good at bowling and it was brought up by the host. He tried to deflect the negative (in his mind) connotation of his bowling skills on to others. This is what these type of people do. How good a bowler you are is no reflection on you as a person. But to him he is all mighty and has no faults.

I guess I should have expected no less from someone who has little if no regard for unborn children. Now we know how he feels about the living.

By the way as I thought the videos he gave Prime Minister Brown DO NOT WORK ON HIS TV. I guess no one in his club house knows that Europe uses PAL transmission and we use NTSC. They are not compatible. By the way there is a rule that the President can not give a gift worth more than $100.00, look it up. These 25 dvd's may have been worth more than the $100.00 unless they were from his private collection(used). Not to mention the value of the other gifts like the plastic model of Air Force One. These USELESS gifts and the lack of State dinner for a world leader are more proof of his narcissistic tendencies.

See he was the important person not Brown. Why should he give special treatment to some guy from Great Britain. After all they are only our Allies and I am the POTUS.

God help us all with a person like this in office for the next 4 years. He makes all who voted for him look just as foolish in the eyes of the international community as he does. I am ashamed to have him represent this Great Country.

Our only hope is to take back control of Congress. Then he won't be able to get anything done. But at the rate he and the Lib's are moving bills through they may get all the crap done before 2010.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gun & Antique Show Awesome Results

Well this show was mostly western collectibles and antiques. A lot of Henry rifles (real ones) Old Colt revolvers and all types of cowboy and Indian related items. Saddles, chaps, spurs and more.

I Focused on the Antique portion of the items, but I did not pass over the tables with the western items. You never know what you will find at any table. Most of the people who sell western items are very proud of their items (expensive). Some set up just for show and tell.

I lucked out again in the silver and gold department. I got 36 ounces of sterling flatware (only 4 were weighted handle knives) for a grand total of $95.00. Included was a service for 4, with 5 pieces in each place setting. The best Item found was only $20.00. A 19th century Dutch hallmarked powder jar for a ladies dressing table. It weighed 7 ounce's and is not weighted. I have included an image. Has a great scent on the inside from the powder.

For gold I found 2 14kt gold nibbed ink pens and one Palladium tipped, my first. A small award pin from the U.S. Post Office made of 10kt.

Just so I do not bore all the weapons folks I did score a great shotgun, A Winchester 12 gauge 1300 defender. Has the plastic aftermarket shoulder stock/ pistol grip combo and the plastic handle type grip on the slide. I am not a fan of this plastic stuff. Get this I paid $85.00 for this baby. Takes 3" shells a plus for sure.

No ammo for modern weapons mostly collector stuff. Nothing I could use for sure. This show is the smaller one and like I said is mostly for Western collectors. The big show later in the year is more of the assault weapons and massive firepower show. 50 Cal's, full autos, AR'S, HK'S, FNL'S, GARANDS ETC. Much ammo normally but who can say what it will bring.
One thing I like about these shows is most everyone is like minded and 2nd amendment patriots. The big subject on every bodies lips was the Obamanation and his ilk. It felt good to be surrounded by firearms and Patriots. I had a sidearm on the whole time and no one cared!! How sweet it is!
Two more days and I will go back everyday to sit with the Watch Master and discuss whatever comes up. Another thing that is great is the women as much as the men love the firearms!

Please Buy Silver NOW!!!

As I type silver is up 12.19%. Silver is going to break out even higher very soon. I see silver at $16.00 by the end of the month or higher. Just my guess no facts to back it. The dollar is down, oil is up, stocks are in a bear market rally, and the printing presses are smoking hot. Can you say massive inflation? They talk about deflation but with all the money set to be printed how can that be true. The more money you print or electronically create the less it is worth.

Just heard an analyst state he thinks the Fed may increase balance sheet to $6 TRILLION soon. This is double the estimate of some but why should they stop now they are on a roll.

Silver's move will be fast and furious. Right now it takes 70 ounces of silver to get 1 ounce of gold. Ratio should be around 50 to 1 or silver at $19.00 an ounce.

Silver's percent gain is DOUBLE that of gold at a little over 6%.

I have encouraged everyone to buy silver before and I hope some have taken my advice.

I was big in to silver and gold in the 80's and I made a ton. Got out before it dropped. I do not see that happening here. Too much printing going on and the economy is much worse off. I see stocks dropping to the 1985 levels eventually. That would put them in the 1500 point range on the Dow. This is all my opinion but I have a feeling that this is the time for all of this to come true. By the way the in 1987 the highest % loss ever on the Dow was -22.61% and the 7th highest % gain on the dow was also in 1987 at 10.15%, two days after the -22.61% drop.

Who wants the dollar now, which means who will buy our Treasuries besides the Fed?
The dollar was worthless as you know before this and all of this does not make it any better.

This bear market rally has historical relation to the crash of 1929(actually occured in 1933) see my post of GREATEST DOW JONES % GAINS EVER.

Well nobody can say I did not try to convince you.

Buy more Stock in INK and Paper

Let me get this straight. The Federal Reserve is going to buy $1,000,000,000,000.00 ($1 trillion) in long term Treasury Bonds and Mortgage securities. So we are using worthless paper to buy worthless paper?

This action comes just days after China expressed concerns about the HUGE investment they have in long term Treasuries. Are we going to buy back some of China's securities? We are buying $300 billion worth.

Then there is the purchase of Government Guaranteed? Mortgages. Are these Fannie and Freddie CRAP? Cost is $750 Billion.

Fed balance sheet has doubled in size from $900 billion to $1.8 Trillion and is expected to grow to over $3 trillion over the next year.

Here is a quote from an article in the New York Slime; "The Fed rarely buys long-term government bonds. The last occasion was nearly 50 years ago under different economic circumstances when it tried to reduce long-term interest rates while allowing short term rates to rise."

That same article says they may be buying Commercial real estate mortgages in the future.

Here's another quote from same article: "The Fed’s action is an expansion of its effort to bypass the private banking system and act as a lender in its own right." Where do I apply for a loan?

What kind of cooling system do they have on the printing presses? I guess the guys that work there have job security for the time being.

Buy the way the dollar has lost 5% of its value this week. Gold was up dramatically yesterday at one point it climbed $45.00 an ounce. Gold is up $60.00 an ounce as I type this. Platinum and silver are up too. Maybe the Fed should have bought some of these instead of more paper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homeland Security Blackhawk Helicopter landing here

Now this was just brought up by one of my little ones. Today at school a Homeland Security Black Hawk helicopter landed on the school football field. Now I will say that my town has only 50,000 people and we are as far as I can tell little threat to anyone. So why is there a Homeland Security helicopter anywhere near here. They do not have a long range and to fly here just to land at a school is strange.

Now a local military asset is important but any unarmed helicopter is a waste of time unless its just for local transport. I know it was unarmed from the pictures taken by my little one. Camera phone you know. Unable at this time to include images since the phone is not cooperating. Will try later.

We have military helicopters that fly around on occasion but not these. The Homeland Security choppers have the gold stripe running the length of the fuselage.

From the sound that any helicopter makes when it approaches its no wonder they are a good target for ground fire. My best friend in high school was an Army chopper pilot. He took me up once in Alaska. Great trip. Not so good for the kidneys. His was a Huey. You would think there should be a silent chopper?

That brings me to a question about choppers. Remember a while---- back in the Persian Gulf some Seals or the such raided a ship by helicopter? It was a while ago so you may not remember. Didn't the crew hear it coming from a long ways away? Just a chopper question that popped into my head.

Well I will end now. Hope to have images posted as soon as the phone cooperates

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bush Administrations Greatest Accomplishment

2688 DAYS THANK YOU President Bush and the UNITED STATES MILITARY and those who are unnamed.
I hope this number will continue we are now at 2744 as of 17 March 2009

Military History Question

Everyone knows the name of the plane that dropped the First atomic bomb. Name the plane that dropped the second A-bomb. Where is that plane today? What were the names given to the bombs? These two bombs were totally different in design, name the major difference, other than size? Which of these bomb designs was never tested to see if it would work?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Investing whats left into something tangible

This post is for those of you who still have something in your 401k, stock or you took your money out of the bank and put in your mattress.

One asset that will not go up and down like buying bullion gold or silver is numismatic coins. U.S. COINS. Now if you are going to buy numismatic coins DO NOT BUY GOLD COINS. They are tied to the price of gold on the low end of the market. What I mean by this is that lets say you buy a common date $20 GOLD Liberty that is in circulated condition. If the price of gold drops to $700.00 an ounce and you bought it at $929.00 an ounce the value of the coin will drop accordingly. Now you will also pay a premium for a coin of this type around $100.00 or more.

Your best bet is to buy KEY DATE coins. Coins that are of low mintage basically. These are but not limited to the following. They are not tied to a bullion spot price either. Even the silver coins in the key date category do not depend on the silver price for their value.

pennies 1909 s vdb, 1911s, 1922 plain or no mint mark (no D mint mark D=Denver), 1924D

nickels 1913s, 1914d, 1915s, 1921s, all buffalo nickels

dimes 1916d, 1921, 1921d, mercury dimes

quarters 1932d, 1932s Washington quarters

halves 1916, 1916d, 1916s, 1921s, 1938d, all Walking liberty

$1 1888s, 1893, 1893o, 1894o, 1894s, 1895o, 1895s, 1902s, 1903, 1903o, 1903s, and any of the CARSON CITY MORGANS mint mark CC, all of these are Morgan type $1

PEACE $1, 1921

This list only covers modern coins not the older coins that are less familiar to you. Also I have not included odd denomination coins. No error coins are included either such as the 3 legged Buffalo nickel, any double die coins(coin struck twice and letters or date doubled in process), or small or large date varieties, nothing that would be considered an error. I also did not include any KEY date coins that start at $1000.00 in the GOOD grade category for obvious reasons. Most of these coins are low mintage coins or from low mintage mints such as the Carson City dollars(these gained notoriety in the 1980's when the mint found many bags of them during an inventory. Big news back then. Mint put them in a Slab (plastic case) and they went crazy in price. They were the must have coin and still have a good collector value.

Now I know if you do not have any coin collecting knowledge how can you buy these and know what you are getting is what the dealer says it is. Make sure that with any of these key date coins that they come in a SLAB from either PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)or NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) There are others but these in the opinion of most are the best. The gray sheet web site lists the % increase of these companies graded coins PCGS UP 78.06%, NGC up 74.95%. No other grading companies are in the 70% range. See next paragraph for GRAY sheet info.

The next thing is how much is too much for a slabbed coin. You can get what is called the GRAY sheet. But it is located at The cost for 3 months is $31.00 for 19 issues and worth every penny. Cheaper by the year and two year subscription etc. Do not buy before consulting this sheet. Coin books you can buy at book stores or use at the library or magazines DO NOT have current value. They only can give you mintage, and basic info, NOT current values.

Now what grade to buy. The better the grade of course the higher the price you will pay. I have a theory on this and is only my idea so come up with your own. I would buy the best you can get but I would avoid the highest grade. Here's why, lets say you want to sell your graded coin later. If you paid X and there are fewer buyers who can afford X then you have limited the number of available buyers. A good mid grade say EF (extremely fine) depending on the coin will still be priced so Joe the plumber can buy it to add to his collection. In the higher grades there are fewer people that can afford them. On the other hand the higher grades will appreciate faster so there is a give and take on what to buy. The coins that may only reach a price of say $500.00 or $700.00 at the highest grade would be a good buy since most collectors will have that amount if they really want it.

Now I have not mentioned any Proof coins here. Proof coins are stronger strikes and start with a premium price. The 1936 proof set (1st set of 5 coins but others in earlier dates as single coins are available at a HUGE PRICE) sold for I believe $1.85 when it came out and sells for around $7,500.00 now. Proof sets have a sheet price also and these go up depending on demand and availability. Do a search for the 1936 proof set and see what I mean.

Now any of these that you buy will be higher price than the sheet price since the seller wants to make a profit on them. You must use your own judgement on how much more than the sheet price you want to pay.

Well I think that will give you the basic info and the rest is up to you. I am not giving any guaranties on any of this but I would say the chances of these types of coins going down appreciably is slim. Just stay clear of any gold numismatics since some of the price is tied to the gold spot price. Only the really rare gold coins will not be affected, such as the 1907 HIGH RELIEF $20.00 ST. GAUDENS to name one. This type of coin is for the BUFFETS of the world even in the lower grades. Upwards of the HIGH 5 figures and up for one of these in the upper grades.

Remember do your homework and get a gray sheet before buying anything.

Good luck and put that money in something safe even if you do not choose coins.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


For anyone who has had a management class you are familiar with Abraham Maslow, a Psychologist who came up with the following pyramid to depict basic human needs very simply. This is called Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. To put it in simpler terms, at the base are LIFE needs Food, shelter etc. , moving up there is security, LIFE again, then relationships or HAPPINESS, mental well being, HAPPINESS again and finally freedom of expression and morality or LIBERTY. Maslow's theory I believe is in the Declaration of Independence, " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. It is striking to me that Maslow put sex in there twice. I will take all I can get.

The Constitution is also relevant to his theory. He mentions security of the body, the family and property, 2nd Amendment anyone? How about morality, Freedom of Religion, 1st Amendment.

Just my take on this theory and how it relates to Survival needs in general.

My opinion and I am sticking to it. Yes I know the theory about opinions.

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is for "D" the vegan gun toter

Well thank you first of all for posting a comment "D" to my Meat food for life. You said in your post that many vegetarians/vegans do not eat meat for environmental reasons. I think that is a good cause since I do not want polluted water, land, air or food for that matter. But to say that eating only vegetables is saving or helping to save the environment is a bit of a stretch.

Unless the veggies are harvested by hand, transported by horse drawn wagon (methane)and use no water to grow them, have no fertilizer to help them grow, and the seeds just appear out of thin air then they are not as GREEN as you think.

Even organic veggies require fertilizer to grow. If compost is used this must be stored some where and transported by truck (diesel fuel or gasoline)or packaged in plastic bags (oil based) and then shipped. Even if it is shipped by trains they use (diesel) for generating electricity to make it go (more economical than trucks). I have never seen a train pull up to my local garden store or grocery store. Even if the grower picks it up himself fuel is used. If manure is used then we are back to Cows (methane), horses or exotic animals such as elephants, etc. These require feed that also must be transported the same as the compost. The amount of methane produced by these animals is HUGE so there we go again with the pollution factor. You could have your own compost pile but it better be HUGE and start now so you will have it for your future garden.

As for growing your own veggies for a vegetarian I would say that 1 acre per person would be advisable. Now weather is a major factor with any garden. I assume all those who are vegetarian's live in Florida, California or some other great year round climate. Otherwise you better can enough for winter (canning requires Heat=fuel). Now that garden does not produce, milk (cows again), soy products in quantities for food (I would not want soy as my only food), Sugar if used, coffee same, oranges, bananas, olive oil, rice, coconuts, tea, avocados, nuts, salt, pepper, various other spices, grape fruit, apples, dates, molasses, pomegranate, kiwi, star fruit, honey, juices, peanut butter, butter (cows), cashew butter, pineapples well you get the point I hope. Most of the non U.S. grown products must be shipped by boat or train and they are far from environmentally sound. Ever seen what ships dump in the ocean?

I did not even cover the stores that sell these products or the people who work there and I would say they drive to work, not walk in most cases.

Now I hope every vegetarian that grows their own food has sufficient water for it in the form of rainfall. If not then water must be provided from other means such as the city, county or through irrigation canals. All use some sort of power to get them to you. Even the irrigation canals cannot flow up hill. Not to mention the chemicals (oil again) used to make water safe for drinking, except for the irrigation canals.

Now vegans do not eat eggs but vegetarians do and these eggs have to be transported, refrigerated, inspected(light source, electricity)and packaged. Now the people who do this may not be as GREEN as their product and I am sure they drive to work (fuel). Does it require any fuel source such as electricity to make the recycled egg cartons?

Now we won't even go into the production of the seeds. But energy must be used for packaging, transport, and the growing of the seed producing plants to begin with.

You also mentioned that I was wrong about the lack of vitamins in a pure vegetarian / vegan diet. Yes they have many vitamins but if cooked improperly say goodbye. How can you be sure they are cooked properly. I suggest drinking the left over water or using it for soup to insure that you get the vitamins. Steaming is the best way to cook them. If you are eating them raw you can get the full benefit of the nutrients. But who could eat raw veggies for life. I suggest you still take supplements for your health just in case.

I agree "D" with your train (no pun intended) of thought, yes, cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys and other food animals do produce products harmful to the environment. But being a vegetarian or a vegan is not much better and much more expensive in the long run.

You also mentioned you are a gun toting vegan. Where do the components come from for gun powder, the steel for the weapon or the lead, you get my point.

Again I thank you for your post but as long as humans live on this planet no matter what we eat we will still contribute to some kind of pollution and there is no way around that unless you can live without food, water and shelter.

Thank you again "D". This post was not meant to put you down in anyway but to help you see the truth behind any diet.

Greatest Dow Jones % gain EVER

Here is a little something that may surprise readers. Since the markets are having a little rebound of late I thought I would give a little history of the Dow Jones Bull Markets. The greatest % increase in the Dow was 15.34% and get this the date was 15 March 1933. The next 3 highest % gains ever on the Dow are as follows; 6 Oct. 1931 14.87%, 30 Oct 1929 12.34% and 21 Sept. 1932 11.36%. Now all of these were in the heart of the Depression. Even Hoover pointed out in his later years that his administration had the greatest BULL market to that date. These records still stand to this day.

Now for the connection to today's markets. The 5th highest % gain of all time was 13 Oct. 2008 11.08% and the 6th highest was 28 Oct. 2008 10.88%.

The 8th through the 10th highest % gains were also in the heart of the depression, 3 Aug. 1932 9.52%, 11 Feb. 1932 9.47% and 14 Nov. 1929 9.36%.

Coming in at number 7 was 21 Oct. 1987 10.15%. 1987 also has the highest % loss of all time of
-22.61% on 19 Oct 1987. This is followed by 28 Oct. 1929 at 12.82%.

See any pattern here?

Now I am not predicting anything but the markets have a history of this type of rebound we are experiencing in today's market. Just thought it would be fun to see these numbers.

Buy the way at the same time the market is up so is gold and silver. Go figure.

U.S. Military History Question Series

I thought that a U.S. military history question series would be interesting. I hope some young folks will read these questions and be motivated to learn more about the Greatest Military ever.

What branch of the U.S. military sank the first Japanese naval vessel of WWII, and where?
Now even harder what type of weapon was used?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Info on "How do you spend your Saturday mornings"

If anyone wants info that I said I would give on the above post you can email me at ; I will be glad to share with anyone who asks. You too J.T.

I have added the shortcut to the refinery I use at the bottom of the blog list the very long one. Just click and go this is the best around and no fees.

My take on Bernie Madoff's Take

First let me say that I have renamed him Madeoff as in of course with the money. I know it is not original probably but I like it.

The leading factor behind his success in this scheme was GREED. He was the former NASDAQ chairman so everyone thought he was the man for investing with. So they just poured money out to him no questions asked. They just wanted more MONEY and did not care how they got it.

Greed is very powerful and even some very rich people who should have done some checking before hand lost bunches of money. Now the charities and pension funds should fire the mangers who did not check first on his investments. Also the people who invested for the well known types like Spielberg and the such should get jail time for not doing their job, or at the least be sued.

Bernie's wife, sons, brother and niece are also part of this scheme. His wife was the accountant, His niece and one son were the Compliance officers, and his brother received funds from this ponzi company to invest in real stocks in the real Madeoff investment firm. His other son from what I understand helped run the crap company. Bernie also transferred some property to his wife for something like $1.00 or the such. GREED

Now you can or should I say could make money in the stock market but if any of these people had done any research they would have steered clear. But since this was Bernie they thought it was OK. Greed again.

The others with liability in this are the SEC and the bank that he was depositing the money from these people into. It was a New York bank and they should have seen the signs of huge amounts of money being moved around. But again it was Bernie and they were probably glad to have such huge amounts of cash in their bank. Again GREED.

The whole point is that most, if not everyone who was part of this aside from the SEC (just incompetent) believed his lies and were GREEDY bastards who deserved what they got.

There is a saying from a Steve McQueen movie that I like and it applies here: "Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear"

Physical precious metals is the only way to go. Had these fools put their money in gold or silver when this scheme started in the early 1990's they would have more than they do now! Millions More Ha Ha! That is not greedy that is just smart.

I think a lot of his investors would like "A Weekend with Bernie"

Meat food for life

Well here is something that just wrangles me, Vegetarians. Now I am all for "to each his or her own" but being a vegetarian makes no sense to me. Most of the country of India (Hindus) are vegetarian with cows treated like gods running all over the place. There are an estimated 40,000 cows in Dehli alone roaming free. Are there any starving people in India? They would be short a few cows if I was hungry. Here we call them a hamburger on the hoof or what ever is your choice cut. But I digress. In this country vegetarians mainly choose that path not for religious reasons but for the sake of the living thing. To be sure most vegetarians have no religious background since in the bible it tells you all about eating MEAT!

When a vegetarian tells me that they can never get full and are always hungry I just want to sit them down and show them what a meal is really like. I would get them a nice New York Steak or a T bone with all the fixin's and see if they are still hungry then. Now myself I do not eat the huge hamburgers put out by the fast food chains, but give them a triple decker burger and some greasy fries and damn if they won't be full then.

Now even our teeth are geared to meat eating. Take an elephant for example it has teeth for grinding vegetable material down so it can be digested. Our front teeth are for tearing the meat and the back teeth are for further chopping of the meat.

What happens to your digestive system if you only eat veggies, you are always taking a dump that's what. Try eating a high fiber diet when that is not your normal diet and see what happens. Imagine just eating plant material forever and you get the picture.

Now I am not against vegetables. I love my corn, green beans, beans in general, rice, potato's etc. But this is not what our bodies were designed to run on. You must take huge amounts of supplements with a veggie diet to maintain proper health.

One other point about Veggies, it has been my experience that most are LIBERALS! Who among other things hate guns, approve of abortion, want my money and think that the OBAMANATION is the greatest thing since soybeans.

The whole point of this post was to vent some again.

Just give me some good ole MEAT thank you. In fact I think some steak is in order tonight. Maybe I will eat the veggies portion besides mine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What would you have done?

This post is for those who may have thought my purchases of precious metals from charitable organizations such as thrift stores was unethical. As a matter of fact I went to both stores and offered my expertise gratis, free and even offered to get them set up on ebay so they could sell the more valuable donations.

I went to one thrift stores board meeting with a plan. I would get NOTHING from this and they would make more money. I was asked to leave and told they were not interested. The other store said they had someone who does that type of thing for them and thank you anyway.

With both of these places I was doing it to help them not myself and so today I make out like a bandit at the expense of either their pride, arrogance or ignorance

So I continue to purchase gold, silver, platinum and diamonds for pennies on the dollar. Not to mention the collectibles and antiques I find and resell also.

In my opinion these stores are doing an injustice not only to their charity but to the people who donate the items.

Just thought I would clear the air just in case, although no one had commented on that post as yet.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well I guess one sports company does not want to exist anymore. Adidas is now proudly selling hats with the HAMMER AND SICKLE on them. The part that really pissed me off is that they are SOLD OUT! I hope this companies stock goes the way of Lehman Brothers or Washington Mutual. The real kicker is that they are probably made in CHINA! If I owned any of their crap, which I do not, I would mail it back to the company headquarters with a note telling them to shove them where the sun don't shine.

What genius in the marketing department decided this was a good idea and why is he still employed?

The fact that the hats were sold out is a testament to the stupidity of the American lemming public. I take that back because lemmings at least do not buy these stupid hats. If I see a loser with one on I will say something you can count on that. But the chances of one being seen here are slim since most wear hats with a fertilizer company logo or a cowboy hat, thank GOD. I am in what can still be regarded as AMERICA.

This is a German company with offices in the USA.

I had more on my mind but I will leave it at that since it will only make me more angry.


Here is their contact info to give them a piece of your mind if you wish.


USA Customer Service
5055 N Greeley Ave.
Portland, OR 97217USA
1 (800) 448-1796

Monday, March 9, 2009

I just don't get it, am I missing something?

On my trips around town I take short cuts through the numerous alleys and today alone I noticed TWO gigantic screen TV boxes and along with one the ever needed new entertainment center. I must have missed the memo that the economic downturn was over. Yes I know that spending helps the economy but I cannot condone this type of spending on items that have no intrinsic value.

My biggest TV is a 27" tube type that we bought in 1995. It still works fine although it did need a new remote recently at a cost of $9.00.

I know that it is none of my business but why would anyone want something that will be obsolete in a year or two and worth no more than the TV I have now.

No its not sour grapes since I could buy one of the new 65" flat screens if I felt I needed it. But TV only upsets me most of the time and I tend to only watch CNBC and educational programming (History channel ETC.) or something funny. Watching the news no matter who you watch just makes me want to throw lead at the set. But then I would have to buy another one.

I guess its OK that people are still buying the trinkets in life but how much gold could you buy with the money spent on a flat screen. Not to mention any other items discussed in survival forums. I am part of the great minority that is the Be Prepared world, but I would rather be part of that group than the sit on my butt and watch football on the new flat screen.

Yes watching sports on TV or the Oscars, or some reality show is a form of escape. Maybe those who buy the big TVs are getting a comfort fix and that is how they deal with all the crap around them.

I wish I could sit down with those people and give them a dose of REAL REALITY and explain what could happen in the future near or far and get their heads back in the game of life. My family has always been "prepared" for as long as I can remember. I just grew up with that mindset by observing my parents. Even today in their mid 70's they are ready to head out with all the things they need and live comfortably. We even discuss where to meet in THE event and such like it was nothing.

I have always wondered how many people there are like those who write the survival blogs I read. It would be interesting to get an idea of the numbers so we could do a head count after all the rest are either in camps or on the way to whatever destiny awaits them.

Some have posted that many who blog are talkers or wannabes or Mall survivalists. I for one take it very serious.

So when I see people spending on useless (to me) stuff I just shake my head and try not to get upset at the lemmings around me. I try not to get upset at the stupidity and think happy thoughts. I could be wrong and those people could have a basement of stuff for the SHTF but I doubt it.

Well I got that off my mind and I feel better and it only cost me a little time not $$$$. Thank you for letting me vent.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Home on the Range (TONOPAH TEST RANGE) III

Well here we go again.

Today I will focus a little on what we did at Nellis as part of the cover story for the Stealth program.

Being at Nellis and having a BIG secret was kind of exciting to say the least. We for obvious reasons felt privileged and at the same time special in relation to others on the base. We weren't any better than the rest but our mission was entirely different and required at times thinking on our feet as it were.

The operations on Nellis were many times multinational and this caused some apprehension on our part many times. A great tradition among Air Force's worldwide is patch trading. Now since we were not very visitor friendly this was a little difficult for us when someone would POP in for a chat and to get one of our patches. As as I mentioned before when someone who we did not recognize came into our building we would instantly do a MEET AND GREET before they got to far into the building. We would approach the person and ask politely if we could help them. This was odd I am sure to them since in most places you could wander for some time before someone would even notice you. On one occasion a British group came for a visit and we went into action. They just wanted to get some patches which we gave them and then they wanted to see our planes and talk shop. Well that was not going to happen. Try getting a fellow airman to kindly leave as soon as possible in a polite manner and they begin to feel unwanted. This was not our purpose but in our building things could change at a minutes notice and someone could be discussing classified or the such. These poor Brit's I am sure thought how rude of the colonists to rush us out.

Another time a Brit who had purchased of all things a Harley had been driving down the flight line road a no no to begin with towing his prized possession on a trailer and drove right into our red line area where the planes were parked. He was stopped by a maintenance crew they called security and he was given a polite lashing I am sure. The Security Police on Nellis were not briefed on our mission and any breach of the RED LINE was handled the same as anywhere else on the flight line. For those who do not know there is a red line painted the entire length of the flight line. As with anything red it means stop, no crossing. This type of infraction happens often at bases worldwide. Some times it is a civilian driver who is lost and wanders into the flight line area by mistake.

Being part of the 4450th was also different in that we had different rules from the regular AF. For instance in the USAF every year everyone has to qualify on a 1 1/2 mile run in a certain time for your age. In our unit we got permission to do long hikes in the mountains nearby instead and that was great. One time we went up a trail that led to the area where the oldest living things on earth live the Bristlecone pine said to be over 5000 years old. These hikes would be a family affair with a picnic afterwords and a great time for us all to get together. Of course there would be more than one of these events since our schedules would not allow for everyone to do it on the same day.

The agencies on base were familiar with us but anytime we dealt with them they knew we were odd sorts since we always got what we wanted no questions asked. We had priority in everything we did. This at times caused some discontent among the MASSES but they never gave us a hard time just the LOOK. I am sure they resented us in some small way but they could do nothing about our special status.

A good example of this special treatment was when we needed some new recruits from a tech school in Denver Colorado, Lowry AFB. Myself and two others a Chief Master Sergent and a Master Sergent flew out to Lowry with the task of finding two people to join the A7's.

Now when we showed up at the school the we went directly to the Commander's office. Since we were SPECIAL he had no notice of our arrival or what we were doing at HIS school. The Chief just handed him a letter that basically said COOPERATE. Now I know that this was unprofessional sounding to just show up with no notice but that is how we operated to preserve as much secrecy as possible. The Commander, after reading the letter, said what do you need and asked us how he could help. I do not know who signed the letter but they had much pull. We were given a room to interview some folks and also given their service records and school records. Each candidate was questioned at length, even as far as asking them if they had any problems with flying. These poor folks were very new in the military and a few asked when they entered the room if they were in trouble since their instructor could not give them any idea what we were doing. We would put them at ease and we even went so far as to put them on a first name basis for the interview so as to relax them further.

When we had found our two people it was time to let them know they were selected and that we would take care of getting their assignments changed. This is where the fun started. We went to the assignment section of the personnel department at the base and the Chief handed the letter that he had shown the Commander of the school to the Chief of the Personnel section. The Chief of this section being a Chief said I cannot change their assignments and gave our Chief the brushoff. Our Chief being the diplomatic type asked to use the phone. He promptly called someone, to this day I have no idea who he called, and handed the phone to the Chief. The Chief simply said yes sir several times and hung up. He then asked our Chief how he could help. Amazing what one phone call can do.

This is my favorite example of how our unit was different from even other A7 units. Our A7's were the only active duty planes of this type. All others were assigned to the National Guard. Since our planes were no different in appearances to those in the Guard we got any and all modification or time compliance orders that they got. The only problem was that ours did not have the cannon installed and some of the armour plating(for weight and balance). These were removed to make the aircraft lighter. There were also systems that we did not use. I will leave it at that. So if we had a new mod or the such that pertained to these areas we could not perform that task.

This lack of systems or non use of systems proved interesting on one occasion for me. As the head of my specialty on the aircraft I was sent TDY (temporary duty) to Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio for a conference on a digital conversion of the system I was responsible for and several other system it would affect. Since some of this stuff was not used I hoped that nothing would come up that I could not explain away.

The first awkward moment was when all the other Guard folks and I met. The first thing they asked was, so why do you guys fly A7's and what do you do? Our cover was that we were testing advanced avionics (not a lie - F-117). So that's what I told them. I could tell right off that was not good enough for them but they let it be, for now. I was going to be at this conference for 7 days so I just hoped that that was the end of the awkwardness, Not. Everything was going great until someone mentioned some problems with a NON use system on our planes. When I was asked if I had a similar problem which they all had experienced I simply said NO (not a lie). Needless to say they wanted to know why and I told them I could not discuss this any further. Luckily the chief in charge of this conference understood my situation and changed the subject.

One other great thing about that conference is my visit to the Air Force Museum at Wright Paterson AFB in Dayton Ohio. I was like a kid in a candy store. Planes I had only seen pictures of were now inches away. I was overwhelmed. I say all my favorites, the XB-70, X-15, B-58, B-29, (FW-190, ME -109 German WWII) P-51, Spitfire, P-39, P-47, P-40, P-62, B-1, B-36 HUGE the list goes on and on. If you are ever in Dayton this is worth the trip.

One thing that I will mention here is that I had a relative who was a Major General attached to Wright Pat when the Roswell thing went down. This is the base that the supposed Alien bodies were brought to. He was at the time in charge of a Scientific unit at the base. I asked him many years ago if he knew about the rumor. He said he did and that to his knowledge nothing of the sort ever came to that base. Take that for what it is worth. I will say that he had a very high security clearance. One more interesting thing about him is that he also participated in the Nuremberg Trials as a younger officer. He was a West Pointer. Was moved over to the USAAF during WWII and went on to the USAF in 1947. He was a pilot, P-51s. One of my TTR buddies reminds me of him a little, this relative once buzzed his mothers house in NEW YORK CITY. He was a great guy. He has passed now but he was alive well after 9/11. Here is something he said to me after 9/11. Mark its been two days now how come Afghanistan still exists! Every so often he would call and mention the time since 9/11 and ask the same question. He lived to see something happen there but he felt it was way to little to late! He passed at the age of 95 and is buried at Arlington. Sharp as a tack to the end!

Now for one of the characters I worked with. I will not use his real name. Derek was by far the most exciting of the bunch. I remember a trip I took with him in a Government owned vehicle, GOV, up North as we called it. One of only two trips where I got to drive up instead of fly. The trip up was uneventful if you could call a high speed run uneventful. Derek was the driver ALWAYS he insisted and who am I to argue at being a passenger. Its a long drive. Anyway the speedometer was not much use for him. To put it simply the mile markers were going by every thirty seconds! Yes I know it was wrong but we were young and fearless let alone the abuse of a GOV. Needless to say he had an ulterior motive for this. He wanted to make it before dinner, it was surf and turf night. We arrived on time for his dinner of choice and unscathed. This was just a parts run of sorts for the A-7's there and to bring some other items back to Nellis. It was an overnighter of course.

On the return trip Derek wanted to take a Short Cut. Now you must understand there are no shortcuts across CLASSIFIED RANGE. Our security badges allowed us to access only certain parts of the the Test Range. But Derek new better and proceeded to drive where we were NOT SUPPOSED to be. He said it would cut many miles off our trip back. I said maybe not if we get stopped and they check our badges. He was not phased by my words one bit. So here we were about to Trespass on areas of classified Range and he was excited. As we went along suddenly a sign read area such and such badges only. I looked at my badge and it was not there. Here we go. I will not be able to describe where we were or what we saw but I can tell you this, I was keeping an eye on the sky for a very good reason! After what seemed FOREVER a new sign proclaimed we were leaving that area and we were in the clear. Thank you Lord!

Now the fun was not over and now I got to play a little. I am sure you are all aware that Nevada has what is called the EXTRATERRESTIAL Highway. Well we ended up coming out on that road. Now Speed racer had a new game he wanted to play. At the speeds mentioned before. He had brought along many very small steel juice cans, you know the ones you see in the markets with pineapple juice in them they are about 3" high and about 1/1/2" in DIA. perfect for the palm of the hand. He called them juice grenades and we had all flavors, prune, apple, pineapple you name it. Now these were full cans. His idea was to try and hit things with them as he drove. I was the launcher and he would toss a few too. Well I am not very good at hitting things at the speed he was going so I never made contact with any targets. The idea was sound but we had no way of judging when to release. I have to admit it was kind of a rush trying to hit billboards and the such. None of his lobs by him made it either. I bet somewhere out there there are many burst juice cans along the south bound lane of that highway. We did not stop in Rachel NV we blew by like a flying saucer. Made the trip back in record time, for who I do not know but it was fast.

Years later I saw Derek back in Vegas at a Reunion of sorts. He had flown in under his own power. He had a PILOTS license now, a REAL one and had rented an aircraft. He wanted me to go up with him. I declined for obvious reasons.

Well I will stop for now. More later. Thanks for reading Mark

Well I will end here and get more to you later. For now its enough.