Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gun & Antique Show Awesome Results

Well this show was mostly western collectibles and antiques. A lot of Henry rifles (real ones) Old Colt revolvers and all types of cowboy and Indian related items. Saddles, chaps, spurs and more.

I Focused on the Antique portion of the items, but I did not pass over the tables with the western items. You never know what you will find at any table. Most of the people who sell western items are very proud of their items (expensive). Some set up just for show and tell.

I lucked out again in the silver and gold department. I got 36 ounces of sterling flatware (only 4 were weighted handle knives) for a grand total of $95.00. Included was a service for 4, with 5 pieces in each place setting. The best Item found was only $20.00. A 19th century Dutch hallmarked powder jar for a ladies dressing table. It weighed 7 ounce's and is not weighted. I have included an image. Has a great scent on the inside from the powder.

For gold I found 2 14kt gold nibbed ink pens and one Palladium tipped, my first. A small award pin from the U.S. Post Office made of 10kt.

Just so I do not bore all the weapons folks I did score a great shotgun, A Winchester 12 gauge 1300 defender. Has the plastic aftermarket shoulder stock/ pistol grip combo and the plastic handle type grip on the slide. I am not a fan of this plastic stuff. Get this I paid $85.00 for this baby. Takes 3" shells a plus for sure.

No ammo for modern weapons mostly collector stuff. Nothing I could use for sure. This show is the smaller one and like I said is mostly for Western collectors. The big show later in the year is more of the assault weapons and massive firepower show. 50 Cal's, full autos, AR'S, HK'S, FNL'S, GARANDS ETC. Much ammo normally but who can say what it will bring.
One thing I like about these shows is most everyone is like minded and 2nd amendment patriots. The big subject on every bodies lips was the Obamanation and his ilk. It felt good to be surrounded by firearms and Patriots. I had a sidearm on the whole time and no one cared!! How sweet it is!
Two more days and I will go back everyday to sit with the Watch Master and discuss whatever comes up. Another thing that is great is the women as much as the men love the firearms!

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