Friday, March 20, 2009

The Obamanation mocks Special Olympics

That's it this loser has crossed the line one to many times. This narcissistic fool mocked people with disabilities. How can a sitting President even consider something like that. This gave us an insight into his thinking and what really goes on behind closed doors. Hitler had a similar contempt for those less fortunate than us. We all know what his solution was.

This was no slip this was his true self coming out because there was no TelePrompter. Why do you think he uses them every time he talks to groups of people.

The way I see it he was revealing his narcissistic tendencies because he was not very good at bowling and it was brought up by the host. He tried to deflect the negative (in his mind) connotation of his bowling skills on to others. This is what these type of people do. How good a bowler you are is no reflection on you as a person. But to him he is all mighty and has no faults.

I guess I should have expected no less from someone who has little if no regard for unborn children. Now we know how he feels about the living.

By the way as I thought the videos he gave Prime Minister Brown DO NOT WORK ON HIS TV. I guess no one in his club house knows that Europe uses PAL transmission and we use NTSC. They are not compatible. By the way there is a rule that the President can not give a gift worth more than $100.00, look it up. These 25 dvd's may have been worth more than the $100.00 unless they were from his private collection(used). Not to mention the value of the other gifts like the plastic model of Air Force One. These USELESS gifts and the lack of State dinner for a world leader are more proof of his narcissistic tendencies.

See he was the important person not Brown. Why should he give special treatment to some guy from Great Britain. After all they are only our Allies and I am the POTUS.

God help us all with a person like this in office for the next 4 years. He makes all who voted for him look just as foolish in the eyes of the international community as he does. I am ashamed to have him represent this Great Country.

Our only hope is to take back control of Congress. Then he won't be able to get anything done. But at the rate he and the Lib's are moving bills through they may get all the crap done before 2010.


  1. WE are embarassed. The decline continues. There was always hope, in my mind, that at least 34% of the House of Representatives would be Libertarians, and that this would preclude ALL bad legislation from moving out of the House.

    Perhaps the loser, narcissist is what we must endure before the general public will move our country in that direction.

    One can only hope, and pray.

  2. You are right on! Could not have said it any better.
    Thank you Milton

  3. i'm glad he dissed the PM.

    the brits are responsible for most everything that's wrong about america, and, because of our "special relationship", they are responsible for most everything that's wrong in the world today. just because they were our allies in W.W.II, doesn't make them good. harry truman really fouled up when he gave them back their empire after the war. they've paid back their lend-lease debt, it's time their undue influence over our country was broken.

  4. ...and another thing, control of the congress has never been "ours" to take back. not since the time of our grand parents, at least, and probably before any of them could vote. (in fact the republicans were probably corrupted by the time of grover cleveland)

    we need to have a true "third party". (otherwise i agree completely with your post)