Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is a great article from our neighbor to the north. Worth the read. Asks the same question that has been on many blogs of late. When is enough enough America?

What will it take for US to say NO More. What is the tipping point or has it passed?

I have a simply yet recognizable type of protest. If it spreads around the country maybe it will be a starting point or a rally point. It is very simple for most patriots to do and is a recognized distress symbol.


I think if enough people around the country start this and it gets national attention maybe someone will get the idea that we have had enough.

I am starting In the morning with this plan, I have a huge flagpole so it will not be missed. I live on a busy intersection in a medium size town and my house is on the way to all of the TV stations transmission centers.

A silent protest is the best of all because everyone who does not know why you are doing it has to ask you the question and if they are sheeple you can tell them the reason. Remember if you do this, represent our cause with dignity and respect. The only dumb question is the one that never gets asked. You may even want to put up a small sign that states your reasons for your action (make many because they will be torn down).

I know from experience that there will be people who want to argue with or destroy your Free Speech. Do not let them get under your skin just brush it off. Trust me I have dealt with this kind of anti Free Speech stuff before during the past election.

I will let you know the response here. I have mainly the old American values in my town with only a minority who do not share my beliefs (why I moved here).

Mark Kent

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