Monday, March 30, 2009

Military History Question Answer

Well I guess no takers on this one. Here is the question.

Everyone knows the name of the plane that dropped the First atomic bomb. Name the plane that dropped the second A-bomb. Where is that plane today? What were the names given to the bombs? These two bombs were totally different in design, name the major difference, other than size? Which of these bomb designs was never tested to see if it would work?

The aircraft that dropped the second A-Bomb was Bockscar and the aircraft is on display at the Air Force Museum Dayton Ohio. The bombs were named Little boy, Hiroshima and Fat man Nagasaki. One little trivia blurb about the Nagasaki Bomb it was originally targeted for another city, name escapes me now but it was the boyhood home of the man who gave us the Tornado FUJITA scale Tetsuya Fujita. Ironically it was weather that saved him. Little boy was a gun type Uranium bomb and the Nagasaki bomb was a plutonium bomb with an implosion type detonator. The bomb tested at the Trinity site was a plutonium bomb like the one dropped on Nagasaki. They knew the gun type bomb would work but did not know if the other would. That was the reason for the Trinity test.


  1. Geez, I shoulda known that! Those were the nick-names my mother called me.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh YeOldFurt. I needed it. Mark