Sunday, March 1, 2009

9 volt IR signal light

Something I picked up a few years ago and is simple to use. I found it at a yard sale at which I wish I had purchased the hummer camo netting in the huge box. Anyway this is a little 9 volt powered twin light that is IR /infrared that flashes. Used for signaling I would say for use by downed pilots or for recon use or the such. About half the size of a 9 volt battery. Great for being found if lost since the US military uses IR for night searches if you are so lucky. I will post an image of these soon. I found the Ir transmitter and here is the goverment stock number 5855013618987, I have 3 unopened and one I had to open. Mark Kent

By the way the name is for the following: Because I fight a "Never ending battle for truth justice and the American way" SEE Superman song!

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  1. Hey, think I got the first comment. IR lights are great if you know you will be dealing with folks who have IR capability in their NVG's. Could be worth having one of these lying around.