Monday, March 23, 2009

BOYCOTT J.P. MORGAN CHASE Email I sent to J.P. Morgan Chase

BELOW is a copy of an email I sent to J.P. Morgan/ Chase. This is response to a post by CoyotePrime about J.P. Morgan buying some new Gulfstreams and possibly taking over a hanger used by a small business who will have his business cut in half if that happens. They only have email for people who want to give them money to throw away, nothing for complaints.

Well I guess this is going to the right department. Abuse is a good title for what you plan to do when your company purchases $120 million dollars worth of aircraft and destroy a small business in the progress. Have you ever heard of Jet Blue or United. Don't tell me that your company does not have stock in any airline.

You (J.P. Morgan/Chase) get $25 billion tax payer dollars and decide to go on a buying spree. I do not care if you already had the money or not. Why not divest yourself of the art collection and pay back some of the money given to you. I know they made you take it but the least you could do is pretend to be thankful.

The hanger that is proposed for your use is currently being used by a small business and will have to cut its business and staff in half if you are given the lease.

I hope there is a customer backlash and people start a run on your banks. I would love to see you all riding on buses to get around.

The person who determined that you needed these planes should be fired and the same goes for anyone who thought the idea was a good one.

If I had any money in your banks I would rush down in the AM and withdraw it. But I am smarter than most since my money is not in the stock market or the banks.

You so called executives are nothing but thieves with a license to steal!

I hope you make the right decision and stick with what ever planes you already have and maybe try flying commercial. Do not give me the important business trip crap either. Ever heard of a video conference, Email, cellphones or faxes.

Mark Kent
U.S.A.F. Retired (worked for a living on AIRPLANES)

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