Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meat food for life

Well here is something that just wrangles me, Vegetarians. Now I am all for "to each his or her own" but being a vegetarian makes no sense to me. Most of the country of India (Hindus) are vegetarian with cows treated like gods running all over the place. There are an estimated 40,000 cows in Dehli alone roaming free. Are there any starving people in India? They would be short a few cows if I was hungry. Here we call them a hamburger on the hoof or what ever is your choice cut. But I digress. In this country vegetarians mainly choose that path not for religious reasons but for the sake of the living thing. To be sure most vegetarians have no religious background since in the bible it tells you all about eating MEAT!

When a vegetarian tells me that they can never get full and are always hungry I just want to sit them down and show them what a meal is really like. I would get them a nice New York Steak or a T bone with all the fixin's and see if they are still hungry then. Now myself I do not eat the huge hamburgers put out by the fast food chains, but give them a triple decker burger and some greasy fries and damn if they won't be full then.

Now even our teeth are geared to meat eating. Take an elephant for example it has teeth for grinding vegetable material down so it can be digested. Our front teeth are for tearing the meat and the back teeth are for further chopping of the meat.

What happens to your digestive system if you only eat veggies, you are always taking a dump that's what. Try eating a high fiber diet when that is not your normal diet and see what happens. Imagine just eating plant material forever and you get the picture.

Now I am not against vegetables. I love my corn, green beans, beans in general, rice, potato's etc. But this is not what our bodies were designed to run on. You must take huge amounts of supplements with a veggie diet to maintain proper health.

One other point about Veggies, it has been my experience that most are LIBERALS! Who among other things hate guns, approve of abortion, want my money and think that the OBAMANATION is the greatest thing since soybeans.

The whole point of this post was to vent some again.

Just give me some good ole MEAT thank you. In fact I think some steak is in order tonight. Maybe I will eat the veggies portion besides mine.


  1. some vegetarians and vegans do it because of the environmental ramifications of factory farming.

    And actually you are incorrect when you say "You must take huge amounts of supplements with a veggie diet to maintain proper health". The only supplement not found in veggies is B12, when is easy enough to take.

    - signed, you gun toting vegan friend.

  2. I do love me some dead cow parts, and dead chicken parts and dead pig parts.
    My daughter is a Vegan and she just does not look healthy to me.

    She needs a good steak.