Monday, April 13, 2009


These are most of the patches worn by team members. I cannot locate the non-subdued patch for the Ghost Riders 416 FTR Squadron.

Starting from top, Dragon Test Team, Grim Reapers, Nightstalkers, (missing Ghost Riders).

Next, 37AGS, Subdued Ghost Riders Maint. Patch, NightStalkers Maint. Patch, 37 AGS subdued.

Four different 4450th Tactical Group patches. Red patches prior to the subdued black patch. Large black one is for jacket pocket.

Large red 4450th is for jacket pocket, Next one is a test pilot school patch. the bright color one is the Lockheed Field Service Patch for the F-117.

Three A-7D patches. Top patch was worn by Nellis cover story crew. The bottom two were also worn by Nellis Crew but are much earlier. Went from large color to large subdued to small patch.

I also have two of the Aircraft style HUGE vinyl stickers. The kind put on the tail or fuselage. About 2' x 1 1/2' or so(a guess since its been a while since I have looked at them) but they are big. I will image them later.

Spacing is not working again, sorry.

Hope you enjoy these images.


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  1. Nice selection of patches, my friend. Very nice colection indeed!