Monday, April 27, 2009


Well howdy folks! I am back in the saddle again. No the men in black did not pay me a visit and I was not in jail or God forbid dead.

I went into work on the 17th of April and the boss said she wanted to take some time off so I was given 10 days paid vacation and I took full advantage of it. I headed to my Happy Place pronto! For those who do not know my Happy place is a Ghost town in Nevada. I have been in bliss the entire time. No phone calls, no computer, no TV, no liberals, nothing but fresh air and peacefulness! Perfect weather and great scenery are great for the soul too. Simple is good and I had many days of that. Watching sunsets and sunrises without a care is what we were all meant to do on occasion. Being able to hear the sound of a hawks wings cutting through the air as he dives for his breakfast is a thing of beauty and the sight of wild horses just going about life without a care is what God gives us at its best. Even the rattlesnakes were a sight to behold. They are Gods creatures too and I say live and let live. They have a place in this world as much as you and I. Needless to say I am rejuvenated and at this point nothing could get me down.

I made it back in time to do the local Gun show and what a show it was. As usual I made out like a bandit in the precious metals department and bought a few things along the lines of the Second Amendment. Ammo shortage my BUTT! I found anything I wanted! Supplies for the .50's and all the other .......'s, mm's and ga.'s were plentiful. Plenty of buying as expected and much money to be made.

The line for entry was wrapped around the corner of the building for 2 hours. and was long most of the day on Saturday!

I was a seller this time and its been a while since I have done this. I sell as you might expect jewelry, antiques and collectibles.

Well there were many great items for sale and some unusual things too. Saw a Carbon 15, new never fired($800), a BRAND NEW NEVER FIRED MODEL SP1 COLT($1995!!!!), I forget the designation but a Pea green polymer($1050) AR-15 clone made in Lake Havasu AZ. interesting to say the least, the new HK AR-15 upper ($1650)that has three rails on it, again I forget the designation, the one that handles dirt, grime, water, gunk and keeps going and many .50's but whats new with that.

I pride myself on having the most unusual items at the show even if I do say so myself. Pride is a terrible thing I know but what the heck I deserve to have some once in a while. I have for many years been holding on to three very unique items I have acquired. First I had, (had the operative word) two 20mm barrels from an F-5E. Then there is my favorite and I am still the proud owner of a GAU-8/A barrel. All 92 pounds 8' of it. Just thought I would give them some daylight from hibernation as it were. I will continue to hold on to the big one for now. Maybe someday it will find a new home but I am in no hurry. I only wish I had more of the smaller ones to get rid of, they went FAST!

Since I was in my dreamland for so long I missed the Flu thing, and anything else that happened while I was being happy. Maybe I should have stayed put. I am glad that TEOTWAWKI held off while I was far from family. Thank you Lord!

Well I do not go back to work till Wednesday so I will be taking care of business around the house. Maybe do some treasure hunting or the such at the local junk shops since I have not made the rounds in a long time.

I hope all was fine for you and yours and you were in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all of you will get some quality time as I did and get back to what matters, LIVING! Taking a break from the real world is the best medicine I can prescribe for anyone.



  1. Good tohave you back and it sounds like a great get away. Would have been hard for me to leave too. Good news on the gun show too. We are having one just down the road from me this weekend and I am pumped to say the least. Can't wait. Very good post. Thanks

  2. Glad you took some time to feed the soul and cleanse the mind! We all need that once in a while, for sure!

  3. Welcome back, I think we could all use a little ghost town time about now.
    Glad you had a good time.

  4. Thank you , Bullseye, Jim and CP, It is actually great to be back. You kind of miss the day to day routine when you have been gone a while. I will get another chance to visit in the summer. Never a dull moment there even when nothing is happening. Bullseye welcome to the blog follower list. Thank you. Well thank you all again and now I must see what I have missed on your blogs and all the rest. Its catch up time and I love to read anyway. Take care all and I hope your days are filled with good things and good people.


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