Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Remember........

When Sunoco gas stations had gasoline up to 109 octane.

When cable TV had NO commercials and good programming.

When we knew our enemies by the flags they flew.

When news casters reported and left opinions to themselves.

When cartoons were for kids.

When children played outside.

When Gay meant Happy.

When getting the clap was a major thing.

When the Military were the GOOD GUYS.

When religion wasn't vilified.

When school was for learning not indoctrination.

When the dollar was backed by GOLD.

When silver coins were given as change.

When baseball hats were worn properly.

When pay phones were enclosed.

When America made things.

When slide rules got us to the MOON.

When Hank Aaron Beat Babe Ruth's Home run record without STEROIDS.

When movie stars made movies not speeches.

When commercial airplanes were not buses with wings.

When drive-in theatres were THE place to go.

When there were no BLEEPS on TV.

When Woolworths sold M1 Carbines and Garands!

When the President of the United States did not bow to ANYONE!


  1. Woolworths sold M1s and Garrands??? Really??? I can remember back in the early seventies Woolworths was barely a step above a 5 and dime store.

  2. You got me on the Woolworth's thing.

    How about...When professional athletes behaved AS professionals?

  3. Hello Furt, Farmer and Milton, Yes Woolworths sold those weapons. They were in the basement of my local store by the fish. They had a rack of about 20 total split evenly. Price on the Garand was $300.00 and the M1 was $175.00. Some of the M1's were IBM made which intrigued me, plus several other manufacturers like Sperry rand. They were all in surprisingly Great condition. Not used very much. I never bought one and regret that now. I would have gone for the Garand. M1's are too light in the stopping power area for me. See guys when the wife said lets go to Woolworths now you know what you missed. Here is the other strange thing. They were not locked up no case just a rack. Just sitting there behind a small counter. Just to let you know that two gun shows ago I saw a Garand in pretty good condition for $325.00. I passed since I had my eye on something else. I own what I call a Mini BAR in 06. It has the 10 round mag and semi auto action plus lighter weight that I find more convienent. Have you guys ever seen what some refer to the TANKER model of the Garand? It was about 6 to 8 inches shorter than the normal Garand. Looks kind of weird to me. Was supposed to be for tank crews use. Not really called the Tanker though. Not sure of the designation. More of a carbine length. Next time the wife wants to go shopping go along and see if there are any items you will regret missing. She will love you for it too!


  4. I remember a lot of these things, and when nearly all hardware stores sold guns of some kind...especially .22s

    Thanks for the memories!