Friday, April 3, 2009

Gold is Gold Silver is Silver no matter the form it takes

Well I have previously posted about how I find gold and silver for pennies on the dollar. I offered to give the information I use to anyone who asked. I had two takers.

Today was another banner day for me. I just returned from a local antique/junk shop with the items in the images. I spent a total of $57.00 and the total gold content was $402.00. Not bad for a little knowledge I am willing to share FREE. This $402.00 is what I get from my refiner not the full gold value, he gets 5%, I get 95% if I choose to sell. The top image is 14kt gold and the bottom is 10kt gold.

By the way the 4 leaf clover pin in 14kt gold was made in the early 1920's and is worth many times the gold value. The stick pin has a genuine emerald in it and the whole item is also worth many times the gold content. One of the 10kt pieces has a tiny diamond in it. Not worth much but a diamond.

I have 35 or so years experience doing this sort of thing. I want nothing but to share this knowledge with those who would like to increase their income for only a little gas, time and very little money.

When I buy in a store I pay what they ask and still make money. A very tiny minority of people know what I know about the actual value of the items they sell. Its all about knowing what the actual gold or silver content is of the item in question and being able to know that it is gold or silver.

If I buy a 14kt ring for say $1.00( happens very frequently) and it weighs 4 grams and the value of the 14kt gold is $16.00 a gram you have $64.00 in gold. A single gram of 10kt gold is worth about $12.00 and 18kt gold is about $21.00 a gram.

Even silver which is less valuable is still a great buy if you know what to look for. For instance I recently purchased a sterling silver pitcher (sterling is 92.5% silver) for $125.00. It weighed 21 ounces. The actual value of this item was $250.00 at melt. Not counting the resale value of a large piece of sterling like this( I will not sell it). Now my profit margin was not as huge as with the gold but more people know what sterling silver is and on large pieces the Sterling hallmark is very evident. Sterling silver as of today is worth about $11.88 an ounce.

Now I do not know many people who can buy Gold or Silver at these prices. If you are really serious about increasing you money supply or just putting this stuff away for THAT day you need this info.
There are some out there who will scoff at this and that leaves all the more for the rest of us. One thing to remember is that GOLD IS GOLD AND SILVER IS SILVER no matter what shape it comes in, whether it is in coin form, a ring, a necklace or a spoon.

Well I think I have made my point. My email is below if anyone would like to have the info I have offered.

Mark Kent

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