Saturday, April 4, 2009

Todays Finds of Gold & Silver

Well here are images of the items I found today at a local antique/craft fair. Total value is $386.07.
There is a 14kt 30" rope chain value $148.31, I paid $2.00, 7 grams of dental gold (yes fake teeth made of 16kt gold) paid $10.00 for them in a box with other stuff in it, value $127.76.
A total of 232 grams of Sterling silver for which I paid $28.00, 7.45 ounces with a value of $88.00. The large serving spoon is .830 Norway silver. That means it is 83% silver by weight. Paid $6.00 for it and it has $22.00 in silver.
The round pin at the bottom right of the jewelry picture has an 18kt gold crest mounted on the silver itself. I have not included this in the gold value of these items. May be about $40.00 or 2 grams of 18kt in that Crest alone(an educated guess).
If you asked for the info I offered I did not mention 16kt gold or dental gold for the simple reason that I come across it very seldom. Also they made dental Platinum for the same reason. Platinum fake teeth or caps. By the way I had to remove the false teeth from the front of the large plate. Also remember to remove all of the cement on these type of items too.
For some reason I am having spacing problems again SORRY.
Well like I said I am tired of negative and this is NOT negative.
Have a good day. Mark Kent

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  1. Actually, the jewelry is beautiful just as works of art as well! Congradulations on some nice finds!