Monday, April 6, 2009


I am sorry but I have to let some frustration out and screw the political correctness CRAP.

The loser station MSNBC, the HOMOSEXUAL, Transgender and Losers channel you know the one with that Madcow he/she and the is he or isn't he Heir Olberman. Well I am still looking for the name of the Lisping LOSER who is a replacement for the usual LOSER on softball. He just called a Minnesota State Representative a WING NUT for her views on the political environment.

I have tried to stay away from the negative but just surfing channels got me mad. How did I manage to catch this loser at the exact moment of his dribble?

These folks are wetting themselves over that Obamanation, non citizen, LOSER.

He JUST CALLED us WING NUTS again, meaning the right.

Yeah I called them names too but they have a NATIONAL audience and should have higher standards! My standards were lowered to prevent from having to buy a new TV!

Make note to self DELETE MSNBC as was done with CNN. There I feel better.

Thank you for letting me get that out I needed it.


  1. I'm proud to be a wing nut. Far better than to be a left-wing, commie, pinko, knee-jerk liberal, tie-died hippie freak. Not that labels really do any good, but I feel better.

  2. Mark, maybe you should do like Claire Wolfe once suggested and just shoot the tv full of holes.

  3. I would but the neighbors might think that I have a cannon in my house. Nothing of small enough caliber in the bedroom to make it a personal event. Besides the round would surely pass through the TV, the wall and outside for how far I do not know. Smallest caliber in there is .44, 12 gauge would not due, I could bring up a 9mm. The .50 is definetly out! I will consider brinig up a smaller one, maybe the 32 S&W. I have an air rifle that is pretty powerful and silent too. Thanks for the comment. Mark

  4. Nairb, I try not to call people names but it is hard. I use as much restarint as I can but it fails me later in the day when I am tired. I have since deleted MSNBC from my channel selection and will try to avoid news in general. Except for the internet. Thank you for the comment. Mark

  5. Hope you didn't take me seriously. I was just joking with you. Olbermann really pisses me off with his labelling and ad hominem arguments. I flip right past MSNBC these days.

  6. Nairb, No I know where you are coming from. My comment was directed at myself for losing control the way I did. Thank you again for checking out my site. Mark