Thursday, April 2, 2009


I just cannot take much more negative so I have decided to take you to that happy place I love to visit. Now this may not look like much of a place to visit but it is a slice of Heaven to my family and I. A place to unwind, be free of the trappings of everyday life. No TV, Radio, Bad News, politics, few if any people besides us. A vast emptiness with lots to do and no schedule to follow. This place is the one mentioned in the cellphone post. It is located in Nevada. I grew up loving the desert and this place is what that is all about. Note the RV in one image. The views are breathtaking. The first image is sunset there. These images were taken during a rather wet time and everything was GREEN.


  1. I know what ya mean, Mark. I loved the 4 corners area when I lived there several years ago.

  2. Nothing like being able to see for miles in all directions. I like the woods too but give me wide open spaces any day. Thanks YeOldFurt for stopping in. Mark