Thursday, April 16, 2009


First impressions are what most people judge others on. But recent events in Great Britain prove the old adage "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" that goes for people too! I know this is old news to most but the recent British version of American Idol called Britain's Got Talent blew me and the world away. Now I am not a fan of the U.S. version of this show but if I could get the British version here I would watch every episode.

Susan Boyle is a prime example of the old adage at its best. She was welcomed by the audience and the judges of this show with great apprehension for only one reason her looks. This was further justified in the minds of all present by her actions, a little dance she did and the singer she admired and aspired to be like. But those in attendance soon got a dose of Reality when she started to sing.

I was amazed when I heard her sing and yes I teared up too. I say you go girl! I predict that she will run away with a win in this talent contest.

I hope that Susan Boyle's experience will make every person in the world think twice before they judge anyone for what they see and not whats hidden.

I can name two prime examples of how people might judge someone just on appearances. If you did not know them for their accomplishments they would be judged immediately by their looks.
Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Both brilliant men who have an outward appearance of not fitting in with what is considered the NORM in appearance.

I bet that if you took photos of these two people out on the street and asked people what they thought of them most of the responses would be negative. Now I know that Einstein is fairly recognizable to most but there are many who would focus on his appearance and nothing more.

Since I am a big fan of precious metals as most of you know and gems too I have a couple of prime examples of making judgements from appearances alone.

In Russia during the 1800's gold fever found many people panning the rivers for GOLD nuggets. In one area the prospectors were finding grayish nuggets that they considered to be not yet Gold since they had the density of gold but the color was wrong. So thinking that this was gold that had yet to change color threw them back to continue the transformation into Gold. Well these nuggets they threw back were actually PLATINUM NUGGETS. But since they did not know what they were and perceived them to be worthless they were dismissed for looks alone.

A local gold mine near me during the same time frame had a similar event. Prospectors were complaining about something they called "Riffle Clutter". For those of you that do not know the Riffle is the ridged tray on a sluice box or a dredge that collects the gold when the prospector washes the material he or she thinks contains gold. All of the lighter material passes over these riffles and the gold being heavier than the other material is caught by these Riffles. Well this Riffle Clutter was considered to be just a nuisance and was thrown back into the river. The belief among all the prospectors was that the BLUE Riffle Clutter was nothing but broken bottles that had been disposed of in the river. Back in the day Blue glass was a popular type of glass for many liquids.

Well one enterprising prospector thought that it was strange that this Glass would be trapped in the riffles along with the gold. He was told by the owner of a local lapidary shop that these Blue pieces of glass might be sapphires so he gathered up a cigar box full of the little blue riffle clutters and sent them off to Tiffany and Co. He later received a letter and a very large check. In the letter Tiffany wanted more of the Finest Sapphires they had ever seen.

So remember that judging anything by its looks could cost you more than you think. I bet Simon Cowell is dreaming of the money he can make.

Good Luck Susan Boyle!

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