Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Live IN the ALAMO, DO YOU?

What is this crazy dude up to now? He thinks he lives in the Alamo. Well metaphorically I do. Its called My home and My town. I am talking about G.O.O.D.

Now don't get me wrong G.O.O.D. is fine for natural disasters, man made types like chemical spills, nuclear waste problems or reactors you get the idea. But as far as "THEM" or "THEY" go I am staying put! I have come to the conclusion that G.O.O.D. under the "THEM" or "THEY" scenario is Bad for My Home, Bad for MY town and Bad for the Country as a whole and here is my reasoning.
What if those brave souls at the Alamo, many of which were not native to the area, had seen what they were about to face and said later guys? What about another brave group during the War of 1812 who in New Orleans fought British troops while being out gunned and out trained but still had an ENORMOUS victory in the face of these odds. Those in N.O. were a, pardon the saying, a rag tag, bunch of soldiers, citizens and even pirates who stood their ground to defend this young nation from the attacking forces of the British. They stood their ground and WON a major battle(I know the war was over but that is not the point).

Then take the Revolutionary War. What if the signers of the Declaration had not seen fit to carry out that very dangerous task? Or what if simple farmers, cobblers, printers, doctors and the rest of the plain old citizens had decided to mind their own business and not get into the fight? Except the TORRES of course.

The groups that I mention here were for the most part ill equipped and greatly outnumbered. They were lucky during the Revolutionary War if they had shoes, food, shelter, proper clothing etc. Yes we had help from the French and the British were involved in a war with France etc., but without the resolve of a few patriots we would be singing praise to the Queen as I type.

Who in these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is better suited to follow in the footsteps of these great patriots than those of us who are PREPARED? I am not suggesting anything like a revolution or the such. But take for instance posts I have read that state it is a good idea to have extra food stuffs for neighbors and family. Well forget helping your neighbors if you G.O.O.D. They are left to fend for themselves. And what about the less fortunate among us the elderly, infirm, children, poor, sick or the doctors and nurses who stay behind to honor their oath, Fireman, Policeman, Clergy you get the point. As a former military member it would be like leaving a fellow Airman behind to save my own BUTT. How many of you ex military would do that? This G.O.O.D. situation is no different. These are the very people who I swore an oath to protect. No matter what their background.

When I joined the military at the age of 17 I did not do it for adventure, glory or financial gain. I did it because I believed it was the right thing to do for my COUNTRY! Just because I am no longer wearing the uniform does not mean that I am no longer a protector of this GREAT Country that I love! On the contrary I have even more responsibility now than when I was a civilian and my eyes have be opened significantly. I have seen how other countries treat their citizens and how wonderful it felt to touch U.S. soil again after being gone. You cannot remove the Olive Drab or what have you from my blood!

Now I know there are those thinking that the Police or even our own military may move against us. I have a sneaky suspicion that "THEY" don't know them very well. I served for 20 years and in that time I met more like minded people serving with me than I did prior or since. How many of the millions of military members have similar beliefs? Why do you think that politicians always try to keep their absentee votes from counting? They know where they stand and do not want them to make a difference in any election. I have also experienced the anger expressed by fellow military members when a liberal President or Congress is sworn in. They know that they will be the first targets of oportunity for budget CUTS.

I do not believe I can leave when fellow Americans who have no choice but to stay and face the wrath of whatever "THEY" want to dish out.

Here is a good scenario that played out on LIVE TV and it made me very angry. How about the Hurricane that hit New Orleans. When I saw all the empty school buses up to the doors in water I was stunned. How could that be, why were they not used to get people out of town? I will tell you why "THEY" did not care what happened to anyone but themselves. Even police officers left town when they were needed most. I say let those types leave and those of us with the fortitude and morals stick around and make a difference in a strangers life.

Then there was the U.S. Congressman who in the same disaster above decided to get himself a deuce and a half and save his belongings from the flood. He could care less about those who were in the same situation. Self serving LOSER.

Sure there may be some in the government agencies who respond similarly to what happened to Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas. But I believe that America has reached a turning point and that this scenario would be less likely now. I am an optimist at heart but a realist too.

Well I guess you get my point I hope. I think it would be better for all of US to make a stand and deny "THEM" the outcome they dream of and that we fear the most, The end of this Great Country as we know it.

May God Bless America

Mark Kent


  1. You got it Mark. But we all need an early warning system to let us know when they move against us. Even if it's only state wide. Something to think about. I don't think horseback would do it.

  2. You make a very valid point and I have to admit, it may pose a moral question for some.

    God help us all!

  3. Hermit and Furt, I think that the only way this country can survive intact with all of the things we hold dear is for everyone not just US to come together as one. The idea of saving myself and my family at the expense of the rest of the nation is unthinkable for me. I say this as a father of two and its their future I am concerned about.

    As for the communication thing I will ponder this extensively. I have some thoughts but I need to work through them. Thank you both for your comments.