Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring is Back Again

The snow we got last weekend is now mostly gone and today was a beautiful sunny warm spring like day. Temp was about 52 and it felt much warmer. I look forward to going camping and doing some fishing. I love to fish the local streams and creeks. I do not know how much it is for a fishing license where you are but here a year is $17.00. I don't catch anything very big but they put up a good fight just the same. I release everything since I am not in need of food. I let them get bigger. I just enjoy catching them for now. We have Rainbows, Cutthroats and Browns. Some of the lakes around here have Grayling too. The local river has some big trout but the current makes it a task to fish. I drown worms as opposed to Fly fishing. Flies are fine when required by law but I prefer live bait. Lots of fly fisherman here. They flock to the rivers to get a workout with their arms. I have always thought that fly fishing was a lot of work.

My favorite place to camp is about 35 miles from here. A great stream runs through the area and there are Deer, Black bear and and an occasional Elk. I have even seen a Beaver or two at times. Plenty of campfire wood all over so I don't even have to bring any. Night time is my favorite when all the stars come out that are invisible in the city. On one occasion I counted 35 meteors streaking through the sky in one hour. If you are patient and look long enough you can see satellites circling the planet.

There is something about cooking in the woods that makes everything taste better. I know it is just my imagination. People seem to cook more when camping too. Maybe its the fresh air or the exercise. Most of us are not accustomed to walking much but when camping we seem to do a lot. I seem to sleep sounder out in the wild than I do at home too. Again maybe the exercise or the fresh air.

There are still those among us that insist on bringing the modern things along, like music, chain saws, generators, motor bikes and once I saw a TV on a picnic table! I try to avoid the crowded areas since here you can camp for free anyplace in the State parks that is not a developed. By developed I mean tables, outhouses etc. Just find a spot anywhere and set up camp. No restrictions on fires unless the fire danger is high.

I once spent a month camping in the local forests and that was a time the family and I will never forget. The freedom it provided and the lack of stress was GREAT. During the week we never saw anyone except for maybe a Ranger now and then. Basically we had the entire forest to ourselves. Once a week we would drive into town for propane and some grub needs. Otherwise we were camping fools. We were not roughing it by no means. We had a 12' cab over camper with a sink, shower and toilet for the bathroom, a Real refrigerator with a freezer, 4 burner stove and an oven. The fridge was a 3 way power type. It also had the old propane lights that are now no longer made. They make great light and provide heat too. This thing had a hot water heater too. I sold it years ago and regret it. It was good to us for a long time but we needed bigger digs.

I know I could live in our current travel trailer forever and be as happy as a lark the entire time. Even the wife says she would enjoy it! We both like simple surroundings without the clutter and and unnecessary things that most of us have in our homes. You know the useless things that are just dust collectors and serve only as decoration. Of course there would still be the necessary items that we all have in our stash. Firearms, Etc. I know firearms are modern things to but they are NECESSARY no matter where you are. But I can do without a TV, Stereo, even the computer. A radio would be the extent of my modern electronics. It seems to me that we all are addicted to too many modern things that we could if we had to live without. I know it would be tough on the young ones but they would survive I am sure. They will be going their own way soon anyway.

Well I am getting anxious to go camping and the next opportunity I get I am off. Drown some worms and eat like a pig. That's the life for me. Mark

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  1. Going camping is always a good idea, I'm thinking! You're right about the food always tasting better outdoors! Man, makes my mouth water just thinking about it!