Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Confessions of a Prepper

When do you have enough stuff? I have often asked myself this question. I started preparing when I was young so I have had a long time to acquire my stuff. I am to the point now that I have so much stuff I wonder if I have too much. I have multiples of everything. I call them "AIR SPARES", Air Force for having an airborne spare aircraft for any mission. Should I pass up the good deals I see and stop buying?

Can you have too much stuff? You can never have too much food, water, supplements etc. But what about everything else we buy? If you had say 12 sleeping bags for a family of 4 that may be excessive. Guilty!

I think that at a point prepping becomes very obsessive. Am I wrong? I know that we must be obsessive to a point in order to get it right. But when I read that one blogger mentioned he had over 200 mags for a certain firearm. It hit me that maybe there has to be either a point of no return or an end point.

To be honest I think that my buying is a compulsion of sorts. It is like an Adrenalin rush to me. I just keep buying stuff. I can't help it if stuff just keeps showing up that I want or should I say need. Even if I have some already.

How many of you out there have this compulsion? I cannot be alone in this.

Well let me know your thoughts.



  1. i have the same disease, although i have some catching up to do in the sleeping bag department. before Y2K i made a list of what i thought i'd need to be self sufficient. it reads like what you'd need if you were exploring the amazon jungle, by way of the south pole. (or colonizing Mars) but i still look at every flea market and garage sale i pass, hoping to find the items i still don't have.

    i should have saved every penny instead, to have gotten up the down-payment on a house. (although i really only spent a couple thousand on this junk, it costs me nearly as much to store it each year, as what i spent on it) i wrecked my pickup truck a few years back, so now if i lost my job, i'd have to really scramble to get it all moved somewhere else before it would be siezed to pay for its storage.

    i'm not buying anything else until i can get some junk land to put up a storage shed on. (it's killing me to not be buying stuff, so i hope i can hold out)

    but like selous said i need more medical supplies, a water filter and more food. and some more ammo. and another shotgun, and an RV, and...

  2. mark, was it something we said? post something so we know you're ok.

  3. First trip here. How can you not like this blog's name? Sweet. Comrade in arms.