Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday Night Specials

Most who read this kind of blog may not consider the "Saturday Night Special" for their kit. I for one think it is perfect for what it is. It is a small cheap pistol. Not very stylish, not very powerful and inexpensively made. The Clerke 1st is an example of one of these little pistols. Made in Santa Monica Ca. by the Clerke Technicorp company. Caliber 32 S&W with an 1 1/2" barrel. A very heavy weapon for its size at 1 pound 4 oz. Holds five shots and is very reliable.

This is what I call a GUT GUN, you know how in the old movies when the bad guy shoves the gun in the gut of his target and pulls the trigger. The way Ruby did Oswald. You cannot miss at that range and it will kill. Not very effective at a range of more than a couple of feet but when in need its better than nothing.

The price is right too. Around $25.00 for a pistol is CHEAP. I have seen them from $20.00 up to $50.00. They are pocket pistols basically and for a backup weapon they serve a purpose. Heck one of these and another more expensive backup would make me feel better any day. Any rounds in the direction of the bad guys is better than none. Also at that price they are disposable if needed. Try throwing away your Glock, I bet you won't.

What better weapon to have for barter or to give to that neighbor who has nothing when the SHTF. You can keep it in the BOB and if God forbid its stolen who cares. You are only out a few bucks instead of the hundreds you may have paid for that Browning or the like. Keep one in the trunk, glove box, toolbox, tackle box etc. with a box of ammo. Cheap insurance for sure.

Most of these little pistols are looked upon as inferior to all others. I suggest you give them a second look for what they are Inexpensive firepower. So the next time you see one of these much maligned weapons buy it for what it is and for what it could be.


  1. Hey Mark...good suggestion, buddy! I have to admit that I haqve never thought about this...

    Thanks for making me rethink this form of protection.

  2. I myself am a natural born cheapskate, but for protection of myself, family, or friends, I would rather spend a few bucks more for say a good used Ruger, Colt, S&W, than cheap out on a poorly made firearm.
    I don't claim to be an expert on the cheap pistols, if you type in the brand and review in google you can generally get a good idea of what a firearm is like.
    Having a cheap one maybe fun, but when my back is against the wall, a reliable firearm is what I want.
    Nice article though.

  3. Jim, Thanks for the comment. Glad you stopped by. Having a couple of these is'nt going to break the bank for sure. They are better than no firearm and for give aways they are ideal. Take care Mark

  4. Accutrax, Thank you for the comment. The whole point is to not replace the well made firearm with these but to have a couple of these on hand for lets say barter, or what have you. Its better than no firearm. I have never had one fail to fire and the quality of the ones I have experience with is not as bad as you may think. Just give them a look and judge for yourself. Thanks for stopping by. Mark