Monday, May 25, 2009

I Have Been A Sheeple for a while

As I have mentioned before I get plenty of time off at my job. On Friday the 8th of May I started a long period of no work. Boss did some traveling. In fact in the last 18 days I have only worked 5 days. During that time I avoided ALL news. No news was good news for a time. I hope everything went well during this time for all of you.

I just took care of things around the house and did some needed maintenance on the vehicles. Spent some quality time with the family and did some traveling.

Having ones head in the sand can be refreshing. Like the old song "Don't Worry Be Happy." That was me for a time. Now its back to reality.

Later I will do some catching up on what has transpired since I have been in a news blackout.

I did not stop my seemingly never ending quest for Stuff. By the way when is enough enough? That's a post for a later date.

In my travels I went to the states largest Flea Market about 240 miles from here. Found two extreme cold weather bags for $15.00 each. Got two more mags for the AR at $5.00 each plus some stripper clips. Precious metals were abundant. This was a mini vacation of sorts and it was a good time for all. The weather was excellent and the scenery was outstanding. All in all a great trip.

Locally I installed a new radiator and shocks in the truck, new tie rods in the MR2 and oil changes all around. I find working on vehicles relaxing and somewhat enjoyable, except for the busted knuckles of course. Gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Local yard sales have been good too. Lots of stuff I did not need and some I did. Just popped into one sale by chance and they had a Remington 740/06 for $300.00. Thank you very much! I love surprises. Found a great reference collection of books on WWII, 17 books in all. I am a WWII buff and cannot ever get enough info. Here is just a few of the great books I found. Aviation Badges and Insignia of the United States Army 1913-1946, Luftwaffe Aircraft and Aces, The Allied Aces of WWII, Uniforms/Weapons and Equipment of the WWII GI, The Submarine at War, Wearing the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich and many more. I will be sharing info and pictures from some of these books in later posts. If you have an interest in a specific book I am glad to share. I will post the complete list later.

Good news abounded during this brief time. My oldest made the Deans List at college with straight A's, Life is good. Have you seen that show about Found Money where they surprise people with large sums left by some distant relative or an old bank account or stocks they forgot about. Well my wife did some checking and my father was on the list by name. Some Life insurance policy from whom he does not know as yet. Got to love it.

I will be getting the trailer ready for the summer. You know cleaning and maintenance. I cannot wait to go camping. May hit a few National Parks and some local State Parks as well. Drowning worms is high on my to do list too. The locals rivers and streams are too fast and full for now but soon they will be prime for fishing. May even do some inner tube float trips. Summer, got to love it. I get even more time off during the summer and I cannot complain. We only work 3 days a week during this time and I make good use of the time off.

Well I guess for now I have gone on long enough. It is good to be back at the daily grind even if it means that there is bad news out there waiting to be discovered. I will now catch up on what I missed in the real world and with all of Your blogs. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts.

May God Bless America!


  1. Glad to see you back, although we all need a break from time to time!

    Glad you enjoyed the mini-vacation, my friend!

  2. It is GOOD to decompress, head in the sand as you say.

    It's a breath of fresh air to see you writing again. Regards,