Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All is Not Lost I Hope

With all of the crap coming down the pike from the Obamanation Administration such as treaties and the like I still believe there is a glimmer of hope out there. My Hope rests with the American People in general.

Even my Liberal Boss says she stands behind the Constitution to the letter. She is anti gun in her home but defends my right to own them. She is not a fan of Talk radio or anything Right Wing but she fully supports their right to exist and their Free Speech. She has told me this on many occasions. She is well educated and has groups of common sense. She is a live and let live Liberal. She has said that if she is allowed to live her life according to what she believes then why shouldn't everyone else. She never tries to impose her beliefs on anyone and is open minded about your point of view.

Surely she is not a minority among the Liberal masses. I hope she is the rule and not the exception. There must be Millions of others like her who just want to go about their life without being told how to live it and want the same for everyone else.

This is where my Hope comes in. I cannot believe that the majority of People in this country do not think like her. With the exception of the 535 and the MSM, I think that the majority of this country is still of sound mind and will only take so much crap before they make themselves heard.

Most of us are busy trying to make ends meet, doing the job thing and just going about life. Some could care less about events unfolding around them,the Sheeple. There are 300 million of us and I am betting the majority of us are not going to take it much longer. "WE" as in you and I have seen to much crap come at us for many years but those who just stroll through life without a care must soon wake up to reality.

I am an optimist at heart and a little pessimism is fine at times. But I believe in this Country and the People who live here. It is not to late yet and maybe just maybe there will be an awakening of the Masses and then the real UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will shine through like it has so many times before.




  1. mark, I am with you 100% in your faith in the American people! Many are slowly starting to come around to the right way of thinking...which is THINKING for themselves!

    Glad your boss is open to the views of others, for it is through open discussions that positive changes are made!

    Good post!

  2. The biggest fight is the one that is being waged is the one that is being waged for the minds of our children. The liberals in the media, the liberals in the schools, etc, are ALL working to brain wash our kids with their ideas. They know that the march to their goals are a step by step process, not one huge long jump. So what if it takes another generation to accomplish their goals. It is almost like heating the water that a frog is in slowly. Liberal ideas are a threat to America regardless of how pretty of a face you put on them.
    May Americans bless God.

  3. Mark,
    Where in MT are you located?

  4. Jim, Thanks for stopping by. I am lucky in many respects to have her as my boss. She is very generous and has the open mind to go with it. The only thing we do not discuss is POLITICS! For obvious reasons. Take care. Mark

  5. Eddy, I agree that the Liberal agenda is a Major problem. I can only control that which I have control over and that is my immediate family. When my kid comes home with some liberal crap that was put it their head I tell them to find out the truth for themselves. My littlest was being led toward the Obamanation ilk until I revealed the truth about the past of this moron. Unfortunately it led to harassment by fellow classmates and TEACHERS when my littlest started expressing different views of this moron. I knew it would happen so I prepare my kids for it. They must toughen up and be ready for attacks like this. Thank you for the comments. Mark

  6. Accutrax, Email me if interested. markkent13@gmail.com