Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I started a blog

My reason for starting this blog is so I can say the things I wish I could say everyday. When I hear or see something that makes me want to scream I get a big knot in my gut. This blog gives me a vent for that knot in my gut. I have chosen the name of this blog to bring a little hope to those who are like minded. "Do not let the bastards grind you down". I hope I can live up to that phrase myself. It will be hard at best for me to follow my own advice.

I am survival minded with realistic boundries. I think that I have some useful info with respect to survival so this is my forum to share this info and my opinions too.

Now for those who wonder yes I have a family but for the purpose of this blog this is the only time I will mention them since they are my private side and not for your consumption. I will be laying bare most of my thoughts and feelings and that will be enough without you becoming familiar with my family too.

I believe in ALL of the Constitution, not just parts and AS IT WAS WRITTEN (I do think that some of it should be changed but by amendment only). Any law made by any government be it local, state or federal that takes away from or adds to any part without a constitutional amendment is unconstitutional, PERIOD. This means any law, PERIOD. I see the Declaration Of Independence (DOI) as the founding document for the Constitution. Without the DOI there would be no Constitution. Thus in the DOI it states that LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ARE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. If you need a dictionary find one and see what these words mean.

As for my political beliefs, any political party that does not respect the aforementioned documents are enemies of this country, Period. I vote for the party that least offends me and has a chance of getting in office, I do this while holding my nose. While I am on the enemy thing , the enemy of my enemy is My enemy.

Well here I go.
Mark Kent

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